Two FASF Members Discuss Business in Columbus

110414-WIII & Josh @ Stkyrds 001November 4, 2014: FASF Trustee, Josh Plasencio, on Right, President of the Fist Savings Bank, visited with Trustee Candidate Bill Wallace III, (Left) Manager of the new Columbus Stockyards, who showed Josh around the brand new facilities, considered to be the most modern along the entire U.S. Mexican border. The multi-million dollar facility was just completed last month. Bill was raised in the Mexican town, Casas Grandes, where the First Aero Squadron had its first foreign air base 98 years ago. Both men were born in El Paso, TX.110414-WIII & Josh @ Stkyrds 002Bill explained to Josh how the new facilities will have a full-time USDA crew to handle all inspections of incoming livestock.  The operation has already begun handling both imported cattle and exported breeding stock.  The new Columbus Stockyards will process so many head of cattle in its modern yards that the USDA has its own facilities right on site.  Bill explained how his new Columbus operation takes into serious consideration a design of cattle handling that minimizes livestock distress, accommodating their natural instincts.  Bill explained how the famous Colorado Professor, Temple Grandin, PhD, played a role in designing this modern hi-tech facility.  Both the Columbus Stockyards and CattleMex, its companion operation,  are FASF business supporters (see LOCAL BUSINESS SUPPORTERS page).

2 thoughts on “Two FASF Members Discuss Business in Columbus

    1. fasfric Post author

      Thanks. Great to get feedback from our readers. See you at Deming Board Meeting next Saturday, if not sooner, say at the C of C shindig tonight. Thanks again for the great job volunteering at the Air Show last weekend! Story should be on site this weekend with some photos, too. Cheers, Ric


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