Scott Slocum Captures Mustang’s Beauty – – – Head On!

P-51 Mustang Brat III Head On in Flight 002

So dramatically capturing these head on views of the old reborn warbird in flight is more than challenging, but can even be dangerous. Think about the difficulty in shooting to your rear to catch the Mustang Fighter roaring right at you. Is your photographic plane even fast enough to keep the distance? Will the P-51 pilot throttle back in time to prevent overtaking you?

Click on image above to see this spectacular 2:16 Minute video.

Famous aviation videographer, Texan, Scott Slocum, has once again captured some breathtakingly beautiful footage of the recently restored WWII North American F-51named Brat III.  The Cavanaugh Flight Museum’s P-51D made it first successful flight test after a four year laborious restoration.  The ship boasts the same historically correct wartime colors as the “Brat III,” when the ship was piloted by Lt. Jjalmar Johnsen of the 401st Fighter Squadron, 370th Fighter Group in the 9th Air Force.  Photos of where the reconstruction work was done can be seen at Ezell Aviation’s Facebook page.  

And then, below, watch the fighter on its official rebirth flight after the four year long restoration in Addison, Texas.  Just click on the image below to see the short 1:50 minute test flight.P-51 Mustang Brat III at 001 Test



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