WWII Ceremony at Capitol Memorial Holds Warbird Flyover

Home Page of Arsenal of Democracy - Hosted Flyover of WWII Warbirds

Home Page of Arsenal of Democracy – Host Organization of the Flyover of WWII Warbirds

Click on the above home page depiction to see the Flyover of the WWII Warbirds.  Today is the 70th Anniverary of “VE Day” – the end of WWII in Europe.  The MC provides a history of this great war in the full length video, which is 2:37:20 in length, but the actual flyover doesn’t start until 1:57:15. Fortunately, the Arsenal for Democracy site has just uploaded the Fly-Over segment by itself, so you can easily view it, otherwise you’d have to either wait for almost two hours to see it, or move the video index marker to that point in the video and let it run from that part of the total timeline.  Also included in the event was the playing of music from the WWII era.  In addition to the Warbirds flying above the crowd, those familiar musical strains were another nostalgic trigger for many of us who lived through that memorable period in American history.  Only one of these 54 now unique antique warbirds had to drop out of the formation over the memorial as the result of a mechanical problem (hydraulic failure), but its pilot managed to land it safely at nearby Andrews AFB.

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