IN MEMORIAM – The Path of the American Warrior

Photo From WWII in Europe with Title of 'The Path of the Warrior.'  Sponsored by the Humanity Healing Network.

Photo From WWII in Europe.  Short 06:11 Minute Video (click Photo) is Sponsored by the Humanity Healing Network.

Thanks to FASF member, Jerry Dixon, himself a U.S. Marine Corp Aviator and Veteran, here is a short video memorial to those who have given so much to protect our freedoms.  We traditionally remember them on this Memorial Day, because many gave all they had and many more will never again be the same as they once were, before they left intending to engage in a battle to preserve our liberty.  While some of our wars may have been much more clearly of a purely defensive type, and some since may not have been, nevertheless, all those who served took a chance they’d never again see their loved ones.  For those who risked so much, this day is dedicated.  Our nation’s unique freedoms and governance under law was born out of unbelievable suffering and sacrifice by so many who went before us. May we never forget.

Ninety-nine years ago, here in Columbus, New Mexico, a small group of brave young U.S. Army Officers strapped themselves into the cockpits of those new – and as yet un-proven “Jenny” biplanes – to help their ground-locked comrades of the Infantry seek out the Mexican revolutionary who had just attacked the town of Columbus, killing 18 innocent Americans.

While it’s true that they didn’t achieve their official objective out of the desert Airfield from which they manuevered their fragile craft, they did prove the essential nature of the new flying machines to their U.S. Military brothers-in-arms’ efforts on the ground and on the seas.  Some of these same pioneer Army Aviators went on to fly, and some to die, battling the enemy in the smoke filled skies over Europe but a short time later.

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