Witness the Evolution of Britain’s Famed Heathrow Airport

747 Lands at Heathrow over London Homes 001

          This British Airways Boeing 747’s landing approach brings it right over the roofs of nearby London Homes

Click on the above photo of the 747 landing at one of the world’s busiest (# 4) commercial airports to take a nostalgic (for some of our viewers and members!) photographic tour of this world famous and historic London airfield.  This story is courtesy of both its original publisher, BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and of one of our news scouts, FASF member Eric Lambart, of Portland, Oregon.

1 thought on “Witness the Evolution of Britain’s Famed Heathrow Airport

  1. Nancy Aldrich

    Landed there many times. Best airport for taxiing to the gate, “Follow the Green,” was the clearance. Little green lights in the pavement would lead you all the way to your gate – a nobrainer!

    The fear of the Lord leads to life, And he who has it will abide in satisfaction Proverbs 19:23

    Nancy Welz Aldrich 940-488-6148


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