Vintage U. S. Military Convoy Rests in Deming


Information From the Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA)

Military Convoy retraces Bankhead Highway across U.S.

An Enterprise of the MVPA  –  Photos by the FASF Aerodrome Staff

~L to R - John Gillich of Reno Nevada and Ken Field of Ocala, FL.  Two Convoy Leaders

    Above (L to R) are John Gillich of Reno, Nevada and Ken Field of Ocala, Florida, two Leaders of the MVPA Convoy

In 1920 the US Army executed a motor convoy of various military vehicles across the country on the newly-formed Bankhead Highway. The Army was determined to further their understanding of the practicality of motorized transport and its place in the US Army. This Convoy was commanded by Col. John F. Franklin. The 1920 route began at the White House, in Washington, DC and ended at Balboa Park, in San Diego, CA – some 3,300 miles and 116 days later.

~U.S. Army WWII Half-track vehicle

                                        Above photo is of a WWII U. S. Army “Half-Track” vehicle

~U.S. Army Motor Vehicles at Stop Over in Deming NM October 11, 2015

             View of some of the assembled military vehicles at their stopover at Deming NM Roadrunner RV Park

We’d like to point out that the first deployment of such motorized vehicles as replacements for the traditional horse driven cavalry, previously the standard transportation in the U. S. Army, was initiated out of Columbus, NM in 1916 – at the same time the U. S. Military also first deployed aircraft in a sustained combat circumstance, which is why Columbus has become known as the Birthplace of U. S. Air Power – but it might also be known as the birthplace or cradle of U. S. Mechanized Vehicles, as well! Many of the Convoy participants brought along their own sleeping arrangements by way of modern family sized tents mounted on flatbed trailers!

The Military Vehicle Preservation Association ( is conducting this 95th Anniversary Convoy with as many as 65 (not all will survive the entire journey!) Historic Military Vehicles (HMVs) that will retrace the original 1920 Transcontinental Motor Convoy route – along the Bankhead Highway.

The MVPA’s 2015 Bankhead Convoy (“BH-15”) launched from Washington, DC on Saturday, Sept. 19 and should arrive in San Diego, CA some 29 days later, on Saturday, Oct. 17. Quite a bit shorter a journey than was the case for the 119 days of the first convoy.

Historic Military Vehicles in the Convoy will range from WWI-era to those just released from the US Armed Forces inventories. Our privately owned HMVs include motor cycles, jeeps and large cargo trucks.  This 3,300 mile 29 day Convoy represents America’s longest veterans’ parade, honoring the service and sacrifice of veterans of all generations.

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