In this writer’s long experience as a pilot, especially of multi-engine seaplanes, I have NEVER seen this degree of extreme skill at performing a stunt seaplane landing.  It is incredible. Many thanks to one of our top aviation scouts, FASF member, Doc Edwards, we are bringing you this extraordinary, almost unbelievable stunt pilot doing what seems impossible.  Amazing, but enough said. See this for yourself.  Just click on the photo below which we took from this remarkable short (1:39 minute) video and you will witness this unbelievable lake landing.  This amazing short video was taken during the Scalaria Air Challenge in Austria. This large German Dornier “DO-24 Latina” seaplane managed to go from 97 (112 MPH) knots to a complete stop in only 265 feet – – – and even added a near 360 degree spin at the end of the stunt landing as a special bonus surprise.  If anyone who sees this knows the pilot’s name, we’d love to recognize him here for his exceptional “extreme” piloting skill. His trick landing looks as though it’s a calamitous  crash – but it’s not!

120915-3 Engined Dornier Seaplane Taking Off

Three Engined Dornier Seaplane Taking Off at Beginning of Stunt Fight . . .


    1. fasfric Post author

      Good question, in fact one we wondered about ourselves. But at this end, we have no idea if the stunt has a name or not, but suspect it does. That would seem like a good name for the maneuver, though.

      1. Eric

        Here’s an interesting article about that plane, and that water loop “stunt”–which was not planned at all! The plane hit some storm debris in the water. It doesn’t say who the pilot is, but it may have been Iren Dornier (grandson of Claude Dornier), the plane’s owner.

        And here is that particular aircraft (DO-24ATT)’s home page:

        DO-24s were first built in 1937! It’s unclear when Iren Dornier’s DO-24ATT first flew, though it underwent major transformation (and had the -ATT added) in 1983. It is apparently the last DO-24 flying. Hopefully it has been checked out and is airworthy again after that accident.

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