The Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner & 737 MAX 9 Fly Together

This beautiful short (2 minute) video reminds those of us who carry the spirit of those early First Aero aviators in our own love of flight, was provided by our Aviation News Scout Virg Hemphill, himself a former USAF and Airline Pilot.  The video shows these two modern airliners flying out of this year’s Paris Air Show. Virg reflected . . . “I can imagine how nice it would be to fly these liners.”  Just notice their amazing climb performance, alone, as they lift off from the runway.

Click on the above Cover Photo to see these two new Boeing Creations in Flight – together.


2 thoughts on “The Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner & 737 MAX 9 Fly Together

  1. Nancy Aldrich

    Did you know that the fuselage of a 737 will fit through the engine cowlings of the 787?

    1. fasfric Post author

      Thanks, didn’t know this factoid, Nancy. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Captain Nancy, she’s a retired United Airlines Jumbo Jet Captain and a writer for this website and other aviation sites. She is also the author of a fascinating autobiography entitled, “Flying My Dream“.


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