Thanks to dear and close friend of Jim’s, Dave Clemmer, also an early member of the FASF, we now have this new moving special Tribute to Jim.

Dave attended Jim’s funeral, too, of which he’s included some of the photographs in which he captured Jim’s friends and family.

Simply click on the following photo of Jim, to enjoy a nostalgic photo-journey through much of Jim’s memorably accomplished life.  If it weren’t for Dave’s photographic collection, we’d have come up all too short of photographs of Jim, if for no other reason but that Jim was usually to be found behind, rather than in front of the cameras.

Make sure to have your speakers turned on because Dave musically scored this special Tribute.

Thanks again to Dave for the fine Tribute to Jim and for also supplying a number of photographs taken of Jim that we’d not seen before.  Below is one taken of Jim while a young man on active duty with the Air Force during the Korean War.

                         Jim on duty with the USAF in Korea during the war



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  2. Larry Spradlin

    Jim Davis was a great friend and fellow Quiet Birdmen (QB). It was an honor to treat him to dinner many times as he passed through El Paso, enroute to Columbus, a few times with Elton Bischoff, noted aviation and QB historian. I would meet up with both of them at the annual QB Governors Conferences throughout the country. Last month (October 2021), was the first QB Governor’s Conference held since Jim’s passing. His presence was really missed. He was highlighted in a Gone West Memorial ceremony. Larry Spradlin (ELP)


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