Award Winning Documentarian Advises FASF Executive Officers

First Aero Squadron Airpark: April 26, 2013

Andrew “Drew” Emery (at left), award-winning documentary film maker and son of our own Trustee, Ken Emery, joined Bill Wehner, Gene Valdes and Ric Lambart at Bill’s airpark home to informally brainstorm ideas for the future of the FASF.   It was Drew’s incisive letter to the FASF last year that strongly recommended we start planning for a full-time Executive Director, since an all volunteer organization is too hard put to do the sort of significant expansion envisioned for our organization.  Grants and other fund-raising themes were discussed.  Drew suggested we consider the idea of writing a book about the FASF story, and specifically about some of the colorful young aviators who first flew those old Jenny’s out of Columbus during 1916  and  1917.  The idea of actually making a documentary film about the historical FAS was also raised.  Drew pledged to keep in touch with the Board and to help in any way possible, considering his heavy fim-making and speaking schedules.

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