New Mexico Civil Air Patrol Conference a Smashing Success!

The First Aero’s own Col. Alan Fisher, of Las Cruces, NM, orchestrated a fascinating and highly educational Annual Conference for the state’s Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Officers and Cadets. FASF President, Ric Lambart, joined two other New Mexican CAP supporters in making presentations to the attendees at the event, held at the Ramada Palms Convention facilities in Las Cruces.  The event managed to fill all of its lecture halls to capacity, reported Col. Fisher.

During the conference, CAP members from around the state, as well as regional commanders, discussed operations affecting the group’s air search-and-rescue missions, a spokesperson from the Las Cruces Composite Squadron said in a news release. The weekend conference also featured aerospace education activities, including actual hands-on demonstrations of a flight simulator, which cadets were encouraged to “fly.”

Guest speakers presented lectures within the theme of “Southern NM Aerospace — Then and Now,” FASF member, Col. Fisher reported. Topics discussed included the first use of air power in the expedition against Pancho Villa in 1916, which of course was the presentation made by Ric Lambart; the development of the NASA Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System at White Sands Missile Range, presented by its long time Director, Don Shinners; and the present status and future of Spaceport America, North of Las Cruces, was presented by Bill Gutman, PhD, Technical Operations Manager of the futuristic facility from which the first private citizens are expected to be flown into space.

Above: Active FASF members CAP Captain Brooks Hindes (L) and Colonel Alan Fisher (R) discussing event’s progress.*

Colonel Alan Fisher enthusiastically pointing to some current news clippings about the ongoing Convention.

Ric directing audiences’ attention to his Power Point Presentation on the First Aero Squadron in Columbus, NM in 1916

NASA Director, Don Shinners, addressing the full lecture hall on his NASA operation at White Sands New Mexico

Dr. Bill Gutman describes complex challenges as well as the facilities at NM Spaceport America’s operation and future

Ric (L) and Alan (R) in foreground debriefing after the three “Then and Now” Presenters completed their shows.  Looking on in background are CAP Wing Chaplain, Captain Randolf Nolan and Dr. Bill Gutman behind Alan.

 *  All the above photos are courtesy of CAP Lt Col Michael LeGendre.

2 thoughts on “New Mexico Civil Air Patrol Conference a Smashing Success!

  1. Roy Mantei

    Wow, Ric……….. what a cool event………….and the “Then and Now” presentations ! …………… Your PowerPoint flies again !!

    Great job, man

    side question………. Polly and I went to lunch in Mimbres yesterday (“Three Questions Cafe”……. simple, but we highly recommend …)………. there’s an large airpark there……….. Do we have members there? …… Can we contact anybody there ?

    side comment…… At the C of C Board meeting last night, mention was made of an event (Dec. 6, I think)…. a tour group of mayors from Mexico, individuals from Columbus, Deming, Bayard, and Gila area, to promote tourism from the Gila Cliff dwellings to Casa Grandes, Mexico….. allegedly, Mayor Skinner is paying for lunch in Deming…… Can FASF wiggle ourselves into this, perhaps as part of a Columbus presentation ?………..

    Anyway, great job at the CAP Conference

    Peace Roy

  2. Tom and Faith Cassidy

    Trying to contact you via old phone number. I left a voice mail for you on the 9912 number today, 25 Mar 2015. Faith and I are planning a road trip next January through your area after Arizona. Give us a call.

    Tom Cassidy…Happy belated b-day!!


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