P-51C “Mustang” Cockpit View – From Take Off to Landing

Step into the cockpit of this P-51C Mustang with pilot Kermit Weeks and go for a short flight in this classic aircraft from the World War Two era. Many a young boy, grown men and in the current times, even some young girls and grown women have dreamt of flying a Mustang, so little doubt you’ll not enjoy watching this video of what the view is like from the pilot’s seat. Mr. Weeks has a Go-Pro camcorder mounted on his head, so your view is virtually the same as is his.  Just click on the video still frame below, and start the film rolling.  It’s about 12:00 minutes long. This inside-the-cockpit video comes to us thanks to the sharp scouting eye of FASF member and former U. S. Marine Corps jet fighter pilot, Jerry DixonThis link (Jerry Dixon’s) will bring you to a page depicting the details of Jerry’s favorite Navy/Marine Corps Jet Fighter, the Douglas F3D “Skynight,” a fighter in which Jerry flew many missions over Vietnam.

Take notice that the canopy on this early model of the famed P-51 “Mustang” is very different from the later more streanlined bubble canopy versions of the fighter, which were sliding canopies.  If you enjoyed this aviation video and would enjoy another, then here’s another cool one.  It’s a short (3:43 Minutes) video, down below the P-51 Video, of the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels at work.  As you did with the P-51, just click on the Blue Angel’s Photo down below the P-51. In the Blue Angel’s film, notice how the pilot grits his teeth each time he pulls negative “G’s” while in tight turns.  This tensing up is done on purpose (for those of you who wonder why he does this), in order to help his blood stay in his head, so he doesn’t black out from the strong “G” (gravity) forces encountered in these abrupt maneuvers.  Don’t forget to turn up your sound!

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