INSIDE (the cockpit) with Aerobatic Star Svetlana Kapanina

REMEMBER:  Turn up your sound and consider trying out your full screen video in hi resolution

One of the finest Air Show pros anywhere, is Russia’s Svetlana Kapanina.  While some of us have seen her aerobatic performances from the outside, how many of you have watched her go through one of her exciting and extreme show routines from inside her cockpit? This video is just under 18 minutes in length.

For those of you who may have flown your own aerobatics within your flying experience, you will easily relate to this young woman’s high tolerance for repeated hefty “g” forces, both negative and positive, and also marvel at her precision timing, even while conducting abrupt stalled maneuvers such as snap rolls.  Svetlana (Facebook) was World Aerobatic Champion in the women’s category in 1996, 1998, 2001, 2003, and 2005 and Overall World Air Games Champion in 1997 and 2001.  As you can see, this woman is no fledgling at this challenging sport.

Watch as the negative “g” forces cause her hair to rise and her body lift slightly out of the seat, notwithstanding how firmly belted into her plane this aviator is.  Also notice how her boom microphone is frequently pulled down and away from her mouth by the positive “g” forces, compelling her to continue putting it back up and in place.  This mother of two young children may also be seen from the spectator’s viewpoint in several videos you’ll find within the video frame itself as it ends.  Her show is nothing less than sensational and the airshow crowds simply can’t get enough of her death-defying showmanship.

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