Modified WWII F-51 Mustang Sets New World Speed Record!

Steve Hinton on Speed Run in the F-51 “Voodoo.”

Thanks to our Aviation News Scout, Virg Hemphill, we’ve just learned that a highly modified F-51 North American Mustang fighter (see above photo) has just set the new world’s speed record over a four lap course at a private airfield in central Idaho.

The ship flew four laps over a three-kilometer course at an average speed of 531.53 MPH – the fastest lap was 554 MPH in the highly modified F-51 Mustang. Aerodynamic wing modifications by Aviation Partners, Inc. played a key role in achieving the absolute world speed record over the 3-kilometer course.

Congratulations to Steve Hinton and the Voodoo team!!! Although he did not beat Rare Bear’s record by 1% (averaged over four runs) he did achieve the fastest speed for his weight class and, in the process, become the fastest single piston-engine, propeller-driven aircraft of all time! Below see the aerial footage of the incredible achievement.

Sitting proudly in its hangar, is a full front view of the Voodoo.

Here’s a short (1:30) video of the speed runs which set the new speed record.

For some exceptional photographs of this pilot and plane, visit:

The Vintage Aviation Echo.

Steve Hinton, the exceptional pilot who has won the Unlimited Class in the National Championship Air Races in Reno, Nevada, multiple times, added his name to the record books this week as he broke the speed record for an internal combustion engine-powered airplane, Class C-1e, on a 3 km closed course. Hinton was flying a highly-modified P-51 Mustang named Voodoo, the airplane he has raced in Reno for the past few years.


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