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The American Family’s Vital Role Among Aviation Pioneers

As a youngster of about 6, your webmaster’s father arranged to have him taken up for his first airplane ride at Curtiss-Wright Field north of Chicago, Illinois (it was also a Naval Reserve Training Station).  That first airplane adventure hooked yours truly on becoming a pilot which I did, some 8 years later only a few miles from that old Curtiss Airport.  At that time, WWII was in full swing (1944) and the old Curtiss Airport was now a hyper-busy all-Navy Flight Training Station (NAS).

But, back in 1935, that first airplane ride was on the civilian side of Curtiss Airport, and in a Stinson Reliant owned by American Airlines and sometimes used to give the public their first flying experience.  This is a photo of that plane (an airplane built by the same family featured below):

American Airlines Stinson SR-9C “RELIANT”

And now, let’s explore an example of the vital role often played in early American aviation pioneering by the family of some of those intrepid pilots . . . both male and female.  This Stinson Family Video is only 11:50 long.  Suggest you watch this in full-expanded size on your screen:

The below short video is another feature video, 3:13 in length, about Katherine Stinson’s career:  You might enjoy this video more if you also watch it full-size.