A Preliminary to War

By Dr. Roger G. Miller


Takes one back to the pioneering adventure in bustling and bruised little Columbus, NM;  an historical episode that became what we now consider to be the birthing of American Air Power.  This short recitation will be hard for you to put down.  It engagingly entices the reader as it colorfully recreates the day-to-day lives – and tribulations – of our early military airmen, as they struggled to keep their inherently dangerous machines aloft – – – and to keep learning from the experience.  Dr. Miller ingeniously brings this episode in our history back to life . . .

Read: A Preliminary to War (Monogram) — PDF Document, requires PDF Reader

4 thoughts on “A Preliminary to War

  1. E Cobb

    I just started reading this for a school project (about Pershing and intelligence specifically). This is an amazing story about the fledging Air Force! I was in the Air Force for 20 years, so why don’t I know the name Capt Forlois? He and his airmen…what an amazing story! Thanks for all the details and personal stories. I can tell you did a lot of research, but this account is very readable. I can’t wait to read more!

    1. fasfric

      More than a little late getting back to you, but thanks for the nice words about the FASF site. And don’t feel bad about being in the USAF for 20 yeaers and not knowing about the FAS and Benny Foulois. I wasn’t in that long, but also never heard a peep about this great history let alone about this great American aviation pioneer. Any ideas for new posts or directions is always welcomed.

  2. Daniel Sharpes

    I was stationed at Wright-Patt from ’80-’84 at the Flight Dynamics Lab. Every year they hosted the Benjamin Foulouis Banquet (probably still do). I believe Foulois Hall, where big meetings were held, was in the basement of the HQ building.

    1. FASFRIC

      Thanks for both the interesting personal insights as well as the Banquest’s existence! We didn’t even know about the shindig in Bennie’s honor. Please let us know of any other such facts about our beloved Bennie Foulois.


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