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From Virg Hemphill – Take a Ride Along with the Blue Angels

Aviation Scout Virg Hemphill

No need to add much text to this one-of-a-kind video clip of the one-and-only Navy’s Blue Angels Exhibition Team at work.

From the slot position to the lead aircraft – and then from number one’s belly, you get views once unheard of.  Amazing videography, not to mention aerobatic precision.

These barrel rolls, loops, inverted climbing turns and “bursting bomb” maneuvers are breathtaking from the deck, but from onboard these sleek McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornets your view is really spectacular.  This video was taken just last month over Puget Sound as the Blues performed over Seattle Washington’s annual Boeing SeaFair Air Show 2019.

We’ve put a composite photo down below showing the different aircraft used by the “Blues” since they first began to thrill the crowds at the end of WWII.  The main video is only 6:19 long.

Don’t hesitate to enjoy this high-resolution video in full-screen mode.

Click the above and below group shots to see them in full resolution.

The 2019 Team Members pose for the official group portrait. Click on the photo to see their names at their web site.

First All Female Pilot Flight Crew Fly Into Hurricane Dorian

Breaking news as Hurricane Dorian threatens to hit Florida.

LAKELAND, FL – Reconnaissance Jet prepares for a Hurricane reconnaissance mission with the first all female three-pilot flight crew on board.

Featuring (R to L above) Capt. Kristie Twining, Commander Rebecca Waddington, and Lt. Lindsey Norman.

Get the latest forecast information at .

Four FASF Members Exchange Ideas with AMERICORPS Team

L to R: Florian Waitl (Kansas); Jack Rosenberger (Minnesota); Stephanie Boedecker, Earth Team Unit Leader AmeriCorps NCCC (Wisconsin); Jerrod Irvin (Tennessee); Mayor Bruce D’Salas of Columbus NM; Carly Steinauer (Nebraska); Jill Morrone (New Hampshire); Michael Maria Peterson (Pennsylvania). Front Row L to R: Lonna Bradley (Michigan); Haley McKay (Georgia). Both Florian and Mayor D’Salas are long time FASF members.

Click on any photo to see or save it in full resolution.

Florian Waitl (above photo at far left), of Kansas City, came to Columbus, to oversee the US Army Engineer School Team in their work at the FASF’s 1916 Historic Airfield the final week of last month.

While here, Mayor Bruce D’Salas of Columbus invited both Florian and Ric Lambart to join in with the AmeriCorps team along with some other local leaders, including another FASF member, Roberto Guttierez, in a celebratory and final closing get-together as the AmeriCorps Team finished up their Columbus area projects.

The gathering was designed by Mayor D’Salas to be an unstructured and interactive brain-storm or idea exchange to help with future similar engagements with other outside volunteer groups.

The AmeriCorps team members had some genuinely constructive ideas and suggestions for the City and its future operations.  They also had an opportunity to learn more about Columbus and even its unique role as the cradle of American Air Power and Rebirth place of American Civil Aviation – – – and how that all actually led to the U.S. lead in outer space exploration.

L to R: Mayor Bruce D’Salas & Former Columbus Fire Chief, Ken Riley, explain how the city emergency services work.

According to the Team’s Leader, Stephanie Boedecker, the AmeriCorps Team has been operating out of Deming, NM (nearest large city to Columbus)  since April 12th.  They were brought to the area by the joint effort of the City of Deming and by the Deming Cesar Chavez Charter High School.

City Councilman, business owner and long time FASF member, Roberto Guttierez, describes life on the Mexican border.

Some of the commitments made by the team during its sojourn out of Deming have been work done on projects such as: Deming park infrastructure; improvements at the charter school; renovations to the old Deming library; meal delivery with the senior center and assisting with a summer rec program for Deming children.  They also spent considerable time in Columbus, and even Lordsburg and Silver City, NM.

FASF Historian, Florian, listens to Mayor D’Salas describe the AmeriCorps work in Columbus over the past months.

During the recent emergency crisis in Deming, when hundreds of Central, South American and Mexican refugees were unexpededly dumped on the City of Deming by the overloaded Federal Border Agencies, the AmeriCorps Team immediately volunteered to help with the migrant families and their children.

L to R: AmeriCorp Team members Carly Steinauer, Jill Marrone, and Haley McKay take in the conversations.

In Columbus and Lordsburg, the AmeriCorps members primarily did infrastructure work, such as painting and weeding.  In Silver City they even  helped out with the annual Gila Bike Tour event.




Those of us who were fortunate enough to have grown up in the United States back in the 1930’s may have had no television, but we did have the corner movie theater, one in which new movies were shown each week.  Along with our 25 cent movie tickets, we were also able to see news from around the country – and sometimes even from around the world – thanks to the numerous movie news films shown by such stalwart companies as The March of Time (a montly news “magazine”), Fox Movietone News, Universal News, Hearts News of the Day, Paramount News, and Pathé News. 

The first video below is from a collection of special news film clips of strange airplanes produced by Fox’s Movietone News.

1895: Actually, this type of short news documentary – or ACTUALITY FILM – was first shown back in 1895. The Lumieres made the first news film in France on June 10, 1895, of a holiday excursion of the Congress of the National Union of French Photographic Societies. Their “news” film was then projected for the Congress two days later. The official birth of the public cinema was later that same year, on Dec. 28, 1895 at the Grand Cafe in Paris, when the Lumieres first projected a series of actualities and news films to a public audience.

1911:  Meantime, in the U.S., the silent newsreel began with Pathe’s weekly releases in 1911. In the sound era (after 1926) there were 6 big newsreel companies: Fox Movietone, Paramount, Universal, Warner-Pathe (owned by RKO after 1931), and Hearst Metrotone (released by MGM, renamed News of the Day in 1936); also considered a newsreel was the March of Time monthly film “magazine.”

The Golden Age of the newsreel was 1933-1945, during the era of President Franklin Roosevelt that included the Great Depression and World War II. The slow decline of the newsreel was the direct consequence of the invention and then of the sale of home TV sets, which began soon after WWII. The last Newsreel was circulated in 1967.

Aviation itself captivated the attention of the general public during the 1920’s and ’30s, and Fox Movietone News followed developments in the field quite closely. Along the way, they covered stories of some unusual aircraft, some of which actually flew and others that never made it off the ground. The men behind them ranged from Jack Northrup, one of the great names in American aviation, to Roy Scroggs, a lone inventor in Eugene, Oregon.  It was during this same era that the U.S. experienced its love affair with flying in general, and, in addition to those ubiquitous local Newsreels including the latest aviation events were the equally omnipresent Barnstormers, both of which did their vital part to keep that romance alive and well.

Here, below, is the 26 minute collection taken from Movietone’s films from the era 1921 -1934.  Some of clips selected were silent, while others have sound.

And here, below, is the 14:34 minute long video entitled “Crazy Flying Machines and aircraft, a blast from the past.”  Here we will see some odd aircraft not show in the Movietone collage.

The Great 2019 Paris Air Show – This Past Monday June 17th

Oshkosh (in Wisconsin) is the biggest Air Show here in the States, but in Europe, it’s the bi-annual Paris Air Show, held at Paris’ famed Le Bourget every other Spring.  It’s billed as the world oldest show, having been first held in 1909.

Here is the great aviation videographer, Sam Chui’s, BEST OF THE 2019 PARIS AIR SHOW.  It is 23:25 long. Sam shows us all of the very latest in both business jets and regular airline equipment.  He’ll even give you a quick peek at some futuristic automated air taxi designs during his tour.

Remember to go full-screen on both of these videos to more fully appreciate their high resolution photography.  And don’t forget your sound, too.  Here you’ll see the arrival of French President Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron  and other dignitaries, as well.  Mr. Chui will also bring the viewer to the inside displays, where you’ll bear witness to a WWI fighter aircraft, not just the most recent flying machines.  You’ll even get a sales talk from some of the manufacturer’s reps and a few of the well-informed Flight Attendants, too.  Also a cockpit tour of a brand new glass panel LCD display by a female Aircraft Captain.

Next is a video of last Monday’s opener, and some highlights of the opening day of the Show captured by Airailimages on Monday, 17 June 2019. The Russian Beriev jet seaplane air tanker is a must-see.

Also, the Rafale fighter put on a great show, as did Airbus and Boeing large jetliners. It’s a sprawling event with acres of aircraft and vendors. The first part of the week is for business attendees only, but later on the show grounds are available to the public. The show provides a good media platform for photography, which happens to be near a staging area for aircraft in the show. This occasionally has the unintended effect of masking the sounds of the flying aircraft with other sounds on the ground, but the spectacular view offsets that disadvantage.


Zepplin Also Made Bombers – His Giant Ships Over London

Thanks to Mark Felton, we have some archival footage of some of Count Zeppelin’s extraordinary Bomber Aircraft, in particular, in this video we see the pace-setter Zeppelin Staaken D VI, seen and heard high above the crowded streets of London during World War II, between 1917 and 1918.  This video is 6:43 long.

A Century Since We 1st Flew – Are We Now Back to the Birds?

Here are some strange flying machines, either human powered, or flying with only wings and no fuselage – yet jet powered.  1st let’s look at 8 strange human powered aircraft, then the high speed airman from Switzerland, Yves Rossy, better known as the JETMAN.  Mr. Rossy’s back- pack mounted Jet Wing apparatus weighs about 121 pounds (55 Kilos) when filled with its kerosene jet fuel.

And now, Mr. Rossy, the JETMAN (7:25 long):

Here is another (14:48 long) video with a breathtaking exhibition of JETMAN making record flights in world renown scenic places including the Grand Canyon, followed by an insightful interview of Mr. Rossy in a catptivating TED talk:

Here is the first, and current, official 4 minute long teaser unveiling a Jetman Dubai world-first, an extraordinary step towards completely autonomous personal flight. This trailer introduces us to the upcoming feature-length documentary, “LOFT: The Jetman Story.” It features Jetman pilots Yves Rossy, Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen who are seen flying in formation through the ruggedly picturesque fjords of Norway. “The Ultimate Dream of Human Flight

Here are the links if you’d enjoy following Jetman Dubai on social media: #JetmanLoft