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Watch the F-35 Show Off its Capabilities at the Paris Air Show

The F-35A made its aerial demonstration debut on June 19, 2017 at the Paris Air Show in front of crowds of thousands. Watch this impressive display of 5th Generation innovation in military aviation. This video is courtesy of Lockheed-Martin, the aircraft’s manufacturer.  The ship is currently undergoing a rich plethora of tests at Edwards Air Force Base, the Air Force’s principal Flight Test Center.  The demonstration video is 6:39 long.  Remember your sound needs to be on, and you might want to open the video full size, since it is in HD.

And, another comprehensive video, only 2:00 minutes long, below, shows this versatile new fighter in various configurations for different mission purposes.  The F-35 program has accomplished the final developmental test flight of the System Design and Demonstration (SDD) phase of the program. The developmental flight test program has conducted more than 9,200 sorties, accumulated over 17,000 flight hours, and executed more than 65,000 test points to verify the design, durability, software, sensors, weapons capability and performance for all three F-35 variants.

One of these variants includes the capability to take off vertically, without the usual long runways required of such advanced fighter aircraft.  Be amazed as this fighter does things seemingly impossible.  You will see one of its variants taking off straight up, and doing so from an Aircraft Carrier, also.  The F-35 will be used by all three aviation branches of the U.S. Armed Forces: The USAF, USN, and the USMC. Learn even more about this fighting machine right here.

See new Air Force pilot take his 92 YO WWII grandpa flying

92-year-old WWII fighter pilot, Bob Jorgenson, pinned some very special wings on his grandson, Nick Atkins, when he graduated at the top of his class in Academics from Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio, Texas. They were his own. Captain Jorgensen flew 35 missions into the European heartland during his active duty tour in Great Britain.

Watch this family pair go back up into the “wild blue yonder.”  This short video (3 minute) is courtesy of USA TODAY.


VIDEOS: Basic Training in the new T6A USAF Jet Prop Trainer

Thanks to our friends at FIGHTER SWEEP for this short (1:15)  video (immediately under the static photo of the plane parked on the ramp) of the new USAF & Navy T-6A Texan II Jet-prop trainer at work plying the clouds. The Raytheon Aircraft-built Texan II is a single-turbo prop engined, two-seat primary trainer, used to teach basic flying skills to Air Force and Navy pilots. 

The aircraft is fully aerobatic and features a pressurized cockpit with an anti-G system, ejection seat and an advanced avionics package with sunlight-readable liquid crystal displays, or as they are more commonly known, a full “Glass Panel.” It is the military trainer version of Raytheon’s Beech/Pilatus PC-9 Mk II.This trainer was first featured on our site some four (4) years ago.  One of its early test pilots was none other than our own FASF Advisor, Patty Wagstaff of Florida, Air Show and International Aerobatic competition fame.

Texan II on Ramp at Vance AFB.

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And, immediately below, is another (4:15 long) video of the Texan II in action – Practicing formation and aerobatic work. The lead female pilot using the cockpit GoPro camcorder is Air Force pilot, Courtney McCallan.

And, below, another T6-Texan II training clip, 3:10 in length.

Below is another video, but this time of the original WWII – Korean Conflict Basic Air Force and Navy Trainer, the North American T6, which was designated the SNJ by the Navy.  The Canadians and British called it the “Harvard.” The Basic Trainer was conventionally powered.  This video is 5:26 in length.  This is the airplane in which your Editor did his basic training in the USAF.

Below is a 3:29 long video using another HD Go-Pro camcorder taking the cockpit view during airshow maneuvers in Germany.  Notice the control stick is the British type with a small ring at the top of the stick.  This is the kind of stick, called a “Spade Stick” found in both the Super-marine Spitfires and Hurricanes fighters that successfully fought the Germans during the Battle of Britain in WWII.

Below is the 3rd phase of flight training at Vance AFB – the class’ final video summary of their year training to be USAF Pilots.  The full video was class (student) produced. Show is 5:30 long.  Gives a good insight to what lies in store for USAF Pilot students in their first year of Pilot Training.  Includes typical student off hours recreation activities and finally the step up to flight training in the T-38 “Talon” aircraft.

T6 Texan in action.

Time to fly! Row of Texans at the ready.

Capt. Nancy Visits FASF Columbus – Dines at the Pink Store

Local FASF members and supporters greeted Capt. Nancy Aldrich (Ret. UAL),  Author and Aviation Writer for the FASF, who came over to visit the FASF and its facilities, and to meet some of its active local volunteers, yesterday.  Ms. Aldrich made her first visit to the Pink Store in nearby Palomas, Mexico.  Here, below, are some photos taken of the festive event: Click on any photos below to see them full-size and in HD resolution.

L to R: Alma Villezcas, FASF Treasurer and Jeff Smith, FASF Local Business Supporter and Member.

L to R above: Dev Olliver, FASF Photographer; Jeane and Bud Canfield (FASF Advisor); Capt. Nancy; Wayne Le Blanc; Leslie Bronken; Alma Villezcas; Jeff Smith; and and Adelaide Bennett.

L to R: Bud Canfield and FASF Newsletter Editor, July McClure look on as Captain Nancy describes an experience she had while a Captain on a Boeing 767 Airliner . . . Wayne LeBlanc and Leslie Bronken.

L to R: Jeane and Bud Canfield, July McClure, Capt. Nancy, Wayne Le Blanc, Leslie Bronken and Alma Villezcas. Ms. Aldrich had the table in stitches with some of her funnier flying experiences.

L to R:  Nancy Aldrich and July Mcclure discuss what it was like to start flying lessons at 37 and then the experience of joining, and later working into the Pilot-in-Command (left) seat at United Airlines.  Center background are Leslie Bronken, Alma Villezcas and Jeff Smithk, Atty.

L to R: July McClure, Nancy Aldrich, Ric Lambart and Wayne Le Blanc.

FASF Airfield Site Chairman Gives PP Show to Daedalians

Yesterday, at the El Paso Club in downtown El Paso, Texas, FASF Airfield Site Chairman, Bill Madden, of Las Cruces, NM, gave a special Power Point Presentation to the General Frank Nichols Daedalian Fight 24 monthly meeting. Almost 100% of the Flight are long time active FASF members.  Bill and his Airfield Site team have worked for years with their metal detectors and GPS gear scanning the Airfield in order to determine the correct place on the Field to erect our replicated 1916 Jenny Flight Line and its hangar facilities.  Without his team’s tireless efforts we’d have no idea of precisely where to locate the old Flight Line.  Click on any photo below to see it in full resolution/size.

Former US Military Pilots, L to R: Col. Norman Rice, Roger Springstead, Jerry Dixon, Col. Bob Pitt, and meeting’s Speaker, Bill Madden, FASF Airfield Site Chairman, choosing their meals for the luncheon event.

Bill Madden opens his presentation with a slide showing his motorized glider in front of his Las Cruces NM Hangar.

Screen has photo of (L to R) Mark Drexler, Bill Madden, and Fritz Wagoner, the 1916 Army Airfield Archeological Team, with their metal detecting gear in hand, posing right on the FAS 1916 historic Airfield.

Bill explains how the team has marked all of their findings on the Airfield Site’s Satellite Map. Artifacts are identified and color-coded based upon the type of remnant discovered.  The patterns will help determine the correct location for the replication of the old 1916 Airfield’s Flight Line (hangars and repair facilities).

Bill talks about the type of maintenance equipment the Army’s First Aero Squadron had to accomplish their work. The 4 wheel-drive truck shown has an engine hoist on its rear bed.  The FAS mechanics above are seen hoisting one of the Jenny’s Curtiss built OX-5 V-8 cylinder engines.

Bill wound up his presentation showing him airborne in his powered single seat glider.  He has owned and flown a number of general aviation class airplanes over the years and has actually personally built some of them.  Beside being a professional engineer, Bill is a licensed FAA Air-frame and Power Plant Mechanic.  Bill belongs to and has been an officer of the Las Cruces, NM EAA Chapter 555, and has also belonged to the famous EAA chapter 1, at the Flabob Airport in California.

After the meeting, Bill talked about his work with FASF Aviation News Scout and former USAF and Airline Pilot, Virg Hemphill at left.

Above, L to R, are Bill, Daedalians and FASF members, Ric Lambart, and Colonel Bob Pitt, who have just awarded Madden with his gift from the Flight, in appreciation for his having shared his time and expertise with them.

Concealed Cabins in New Dreamliners – And Extra Engines?

Thanks to TOMONEWS, we’ve got some interesting insights into the new era’s Boeing Dreamliners, some design features about which you may not yet have heard.  The below video is 14:00 long.

This video also contains some other similar information about the Airline industry that may also be news for you.  Have you heard of large new circular runways designed to replace the conventional long straight ones?  Have you heard that some Boeing Airliners are able to carry spare engines slung under their wings, just as are the main propulsion power plants?  The video is in HD, so don’t hesitate to go full screen – – – and make sure your sound it turned on, as well. 

You’ll most likely find some other truly fascinating new Airline futurist concepts here for the first time.  We hope so.  Enjoy.

Experience the Thrill of Modern Day Barnstorming in Action

 Virg Hemphill

Here, thanks to FASF Aviation News Scout, Virg Hemphill (L), are two fun to watch video clips of the Czech Red Bull pilots showing off their dare-devil spirit in hair-raising stunts using their newest high powered Zivko Edge 540 aerobatic planes.  These first two videos will show you the views from both inside and outside the aircraft.  The third and last video will show you the Edge doing competitive maneuvers.

L to R above: Jan Rudzinskyj (left wing); Stanislav Cejka (leader), Miroslav Krejci (right wing); and Jan Tvrdik (slot).

Maximum discipline, focus, confidence and teamwork skills are the very essence of the success of the Flying Bull’s Aerobatic Team.  The pilots are often referred to as “aerial acrobats” and they cavort across the sky as though acting as a single entity, showing off routines that no other group in the world has yet proven capable of matching.  The below video is 2:32 long.

Below, is another exciting video clip of one of the Czech team members, Peter Besenyei, flying through a narrow canyon and under a number of bridges that span it.

Flying The Corinth Canal

Hungarian pilot Peter Besenyei gets an amazing opportunity to do some flying in the Corinth Canal in Greece and he takes full advantage of it. We’re not sure how the Red Bull Air Racing team managed to get permission to fly the canal but it makes for an awesome flying video that any pilot, or anyone, for that matter, should enjoy watching. This clip is 2:13 long.

The below video demonstrates competitive aerobatics by the Zivko Edge 540 and is 5:17 long.