Contact & Staff Info

Postal Mail

Any Trustees or Staff by name – P.O. Box 1916, Columbus, NM 88029


Land Line: 575-519-1100 (answered by Dr. Kathleen Martin, July McClure or Ric Lambart)

CELL: FASF Mobile Phone number may be provided by specific Request.

Physical Address, National Headquarters Office

103 W. Broadway (SW Corner of Main and Broadway), Columbus, NM 88029

Email (or leave comments directly on site, where provided)


Ric Lambart, Email:   or

Website Reporters &  Aerodrome Staff (Alphabetically Listed by First Names):

Bob Wright, Airfield Security Chief and Drone Videographer,  Columbus, NM

Catherine Ryan Gallegos, Web Editor, Marketing and PR Specialist, Los Oivos, CA

Charlie Overstreet, U.S. Military Aviation News Reporter and Advisor, El Paso, TX

Dave Donchess, SW NM Area FASF Photographer, Deming, NM

Doc Edwards, SW New Mexico Area FASF Photographer, Columbus, New Mexico

Dr. Armando Maldonado, SW NM Area Graphics Contributor, Palomas, Chihuahua, Mexico

Eric Lambart, FASF Technical Advisor & National News Reporter, Portland, OR

Gene Savino, West Coast Technical Advisor & Consultant, San Diego, CA

Jerry Dixon, U.S. Military Aviation News Reporter and Advisor, El Paso, TX

July McClure, Aerodrome Newsletter Editor, Email: – Columbus, NM

Jim Davis, FASF Historian and East Coast USA Reporter & Videographer, Washington DC area

John Deuble Author-Historian.  Site and Aerodrome Contributor/Reviewer, Albuquerque, NM

Kathleen Martin, PhD, Assistant Aerodrome Editor and Article Contributor, Deming, NM

Ken EmeryFASF Historian and Aerodrome Contributing Author, Columbus, NM

Mike FloreyFASF Resident Still Photographer, Videographer & Stunt Pilot, Columbus, NM

Nancy Welz Aldrich, Capt. Aviation Writer, Reporter-at-Large and Editorial Contributor, TX

Peter Westacott, Aviation Artist, Consultant, Airshow Mgmt. & Promotion, Great Britain

Virg Hemphill, Daedalian, U.S. Military Aviation News Reporter and Advisor, El Paso, TX

Warren Talbot, SW NM Area and Continental U.S. Drone Videographer, Roaming all States