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Website Reporters &  Aerodrome Staff (Alphabetically Listed by First Names):

Bob Wright, Airfield Security Chief and Drone Videographer,  Columbus, NM

Charlie Overstreet, U.S. Military Aviation News Reporter and Advisor, El Paso, TX

Dave Donchess, Rotary Wing Advisor + SW NM Area FASF Photographer, Deming, NM

Doc Edwards, SW New Mexico Area FASF Photographer, Deming, New Mexico

Dr. Armando Maldonado, SW NM Graphics Contributor, Palomas, Chihuahua, Mexico

Eric Lambart, FASF Technical Advisor & National News Reporter, Portland, OR

Gene Savino, West Coast Technical Advisor & Consultant, San Diego, CA

Jerry Dixon, (USMC) Daedalian Military Aviation News Reporter and Advisor, El Paso, TX

John Read, Punitive Expedition Historian, SW NM Drone Videographer, Deming, NM

July McClure, Aerodrome Newsletter Editor, Email: – Columbus, NM

Jim Davis♥, FASF Historian – East Coast – Reporter & Videographer, Washington DC Area

John Deuble Author-Historian.  Site & Aerodrome Contributor/Reviewer, ABQ, NM

Kathleen Martin, PhD, Assistant Aerodrome Editor + Article Contributor, Deming, NM

Ken EmeryFASF Historian and Aerodrome Contributing Author, Columbus, NM

Mike FloreyFASF Resident Photographer, Videographer & Stunt Pilot, Columbus, NM

Nancy Welz Aldrich, Capt UAL Ret Aviation Writer, Reporter & Editorial Contributor, TX

Peter Westacott, Aviation Artist, Consultant, Airshow Mgmt. & Promotion, Great Britain

Virg Hemphill, (USAF) Daedalian, Aviation News Reporter + Advisor, El Paso, TX

Warren Talbot, SW NM Area & Continental U.S. Drone Videographer, Roams all States

♥   Jim took his last flight west on November 22, 2020

For charitable tax deduction purposes, the FASF Tax ID Number is:  74-3248994



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