FASF Retires Aerodrome Land Debt!

Columbus, New Mexico – – – September 18, 2013

By Gene Valdes, FASF First Past President & Trustee

GeneWantsThisOldPhoto in Bio-Cropped 050113Dear Trustees and FASF Members,

This afternoon I hand-delivered a check in the amount of $7,500 to Southwest Escrow. This represents the final payment on the FASF’s Airfield, land purchased from Mrs. Patricia Walsh.

I also want to report a very pleasant conversation I had yesterday evening with Mrs. Walsh. She is very complementary of all the achievements the FASF has made thus far (she receives our Aerodrome newsletter). She also had a number of worthwhile suggestions.

Thanks to all Board Members who so generously donated funds to make this payoff possible. It represents a most significant milestone in the organization’s short history.
Gene Valdes


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