Hot Shot New Beech T-6C in Action

Beechcraft T-6 3 version Display at Yuma AZ

 This promotional video for Beechcraft’s T-6C and AT-6 was filmed in Yuma Arizona in coordination with still photographer, Paul Bowen. The aerial camera platform was the B-25 from Planes of Fame, Chino, CA. The camera used was the Arriflex Alexa. Beautifully and artistically shot in striking HD video. Just click on the above photo and it will take you to directly to the Vimeo website’s short (less than two minute film) exposure to this new namesake of the veritable WWII North American Aviation T-6 series “Texan” trainer (a T-6G “Texan” in flight is seen below), the WWII counterpart of the indomitable Jennie Trainer of WWI.T-6G in Flight

[One thing is abundantly clear from the Beechcraft video:  The newest T-6 is hardly intended to be just a pilot training platform, as were its predecessors, the Jennies and the Texans.  This new machine has an obvious alter ego role as a potential jet-prop driven combat aircraft.  It would appear that the Drone era has not yet fully taken over from the airborne pilot.  RL]

Director / Cinematographer: Roger Tonry
3DF Editor: Mike Hugo
3DF Colorist: Arnold Ramm

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