Animated History of Flight – by Utah Valley University

This video portrays a brief (3:34) history of aviation in 3D animation. While there are many contributions to aviation that could not be included, this video shows many of the substantial advancements that propelled aviation to what it has become today.

Created by Aaron Bristow
Produced by Adam Evans
Additional 3D and texture creations by Rob Guest, Preston Powell and Paris Miller

Visit UVU at its home website if you’re interested in becoming a pilot or working in aviation.
Or see the UVU interactive museum here.

Music in this Animated History of Aviation was by Capo Productions.

3 thoughts on “Animated History of Flight – by Utah Valley University

  1. Michael LeGendre

    This video looks interesting, but I can’t get to play on my computer. I have Windows7, 64bit system.

    1. fasfric

      Thanks for the query, Michael. The video should play in your browser without any problems, but you must have a “player plug-in” for the browser you are using. Usually either Internet Explorer of Firefox will have a workable video player “plugged-in” already, typically either Adobe Flash Player or even Microsoft’s Media Player can do the task. Are you sure you clicked on the second photo down, the one with Patty’s plane flying upside down? It you clicked on the portrait of her up above the inverted “Express” plane, then you’d not get the video. I linked the video itself to only the inverted plane photo. If you have more than one Internet browser, which is oftentimes a good idea, you might want to check both of them to see if only one of them has the problem . . .

      1. fasfric

        Michael. Ric here, your webmaster again. Sorry, but think I misinterpreted your question. You weren’t refering to the video about Patty Wagstaff, bur rather the video on the animated history of flight, which is under “New Videos” rather than “Hot News!” However, if you take my remarks above, they should also be helpful in the case of the Utah valley University Aviation School video, as well. Please let us know if you still have troubles getting the video to play and we’ll look into the problem further.

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