Ever been to the world’s largest and most famous air show?  Even if you have, you will want to see what just concluded in the state of Wisconsin this past month.  Oshkosh, Wisconsin, hosts the renown “AirVenture” each year.  Crowds in excess of 100,000 visitors regularly attend, many camping out on the extensive camp grounds provided or even flying to the show in their own planes, many of them built by the pilots themselves.  The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) is home to the world’s aviation and aircraft building enthusiasts.  It not only puts on the famed air show each Summer, but also provides a beautiful museum on the Oskosh City Airport, known as Wittman Regional Airport, named after the well known early aircraft designer, builder and racer, Sylvester Joseph “Steve” Wittman.  Enjoy the following videos, one for each day of the show – – – and two extra videos for even more education and entertainment.  Just click on the depiction of your choice down below and you will be quickly taken to the video it represents.

AirVenture Update Day 1

Day one is 7:27 minutes long.                AirVenture Update Day 2                                                                      Day two is 7:25 minutes long.AirVenture Update Day 3                                                                  Day three is 7:35 minutes long.AirVenture Update Day 4                                                                    Day four is 6:24 minutes long.AirVenture Update Day 5                     Day five is 9:27 long and features the famous USAF Exhibition Team, the ThunderbirdsAirVenture Update Day 6                                                                     Day six is 9:57 minutes longAirVenture Update Day 7                                              The final day of the show, day 7, is 4:05 minutes longAirshow Stuff with Matt Younkin Twin Beech 18 Aerobatics Cockpit CamThis (above) video is from a cockpit cam and shows something extraordinary – a twin engined aircraft doing aerobatics This video runs for 11:11 minutes.AirVenture EAA Ad for 2014 001  The above video is a composite of many events during the show and helps promote the EAA’s AirVenture –  4:47 long.


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