American Air Power – The Strike Fighter’s Role :18 (2 Videos)

Strike Fighters:                                                     Part 1 and 2 of 2

Strike Fighters! The strike fighter is the most versatile of modern combat aircraft. Part fighter, part bomber, these aircraft excel in both offensive and defensive air combat. The Harrier jump-jet, A-10 Warthog, and British Tornado are among the hottest strike fighters in the world today. Examine the next generation of joint strike fighters, the F-35 Lightning II series, and see why this aircraft is expected to dominate the skies for decades to come.  Take a look into our latest Strike Fighter Weapons Systems and glance back at where we were almost a century ago during the First World War, when the U.S. had no fighters of its own and was compelled to use those produced by our Allies, Great Britain and France. To watch the videos, just click on either of the photos below:  Click on the photo of the WWI Spad, for Part 1 or; for Part 2, click on the USAF Strike Eagle F-15 launching flares  . . .

Same French Spad XIII used by US Ace, Eddie Rickenbacker in WWI

To see the 10 Minute Part 1 Video, click on this WWI Spad above; for Part 2’s ( :08 minutes) , click on the F-15 below . . .F-15 Launching Flares - Action 001

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