~FASF B-T Meeting 013115-LR-Josh,Ira,Roy,Bill,Alma,Ric,Kathleen(6677)

                                                   Photo by FASF Aerodrome Editor, July McClure                                                                         Seated, Left to Right: Trustees Colonel Ira Cline, Bill Wallace III, and President Ric Lambart.  Standing from Left are:  Board Secretary, Josh Plasencio; 2nd Vice President, Roy Mantei; Treasurer, Alma Villezcas, and 1st Vice President, Dr. Kathleen Martin.

Here they are.  Your Trustees informally assembled after concluding their Board Meeting, trying their best to envision the FASF’s future doings.  You see them above, gathered together to brain-storm for ideas to help the FASF grow faster and stronger, as well as to become ready for the upcoming once-in-a-lifetime Centennial event next year.  Only Megan Wenzel, new Trustee from Deming couldn’t make this post Board gathering.  She had an emergency at work, so had to reign in that business issue, but she did take part in the formal meeting.  If you have any thoughts or constructive ideas you’d like to share with your Trustees, then please simply use your website to share those ideas and thoughts.  Want to address any particular Trustee – or even your Aerodrome Editor, July McClure? – same thing:  Just insert your comments for them where you see the short underscored line of text stating: “Leave a reply” at the top of this group photo.  Rest assured, they’ll get your message!


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