Visit This Photo Album of First Aero Squadon’s WWI Days

Lt. Arthur Coyle in France 1917 - 001On the left, is Lt. Arthur Coyle, Pilot in the First Aero Squadron.

For those of you interested in the history of the First Aero Squadron once it left Columbus, New Mexico, for France, visit this Photo Album gifted to the San Diego Air and Space Museum by FAS Pilot, Arthur J. Coyle.  The intriguing album contains photos for you to peruse, along with comments by its creator, made during the historic days depicted throughout the collection of images taken during the FAS’s World War I sojourn in France and later, as victors, in Germany.  Click on any of these images and it will take you right to the website.  Lt. Coyle was first stationed with the FAS right in Columbus, and then went with it to Europe as the United States entered the great “War to End All Wars.” *FAS Members of the Guard - Columbus, NM 1917  First Aero Squadron “Members of the Guard” clowning at FAS Airfield, Columbus, NM in 1917First Hun Plane Shot Down by An American 005  First Hun (German) Plane Shot Down by an American Aviator – France during 1917 CampaignPilot Lt. Coyle with Observer-Gunner Lt. Easterbrook(Large)-002  Lt. Arthur J. Coyle (R) & His Observer-Gunner, Lt. Easterbrook alongside Their  “Gertrude A”Officers & Men of the FAS - November 12, 1918-003By 1918 the First Aero Squadron Had Grown Significantly to the Group You See Above in France

* These vintage photos taken by FAS Pilot Coyle are displayed in full here on “flickr”

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