Dr. Bouilly Finds Photo of JN4 with Member’s Kin in Cockpit!

JN4 with Bogardus in rear seat

Frequent FASF Advisor, Dr. Robert Bouilly, Historian for the U.S. Army’s Sergeant Majors Academy at Ft. Bliss, TX, dug up this shot of a post WWI First Aero Squadron JN4 from Langley Field in Virginia with an Observer in the rear cockpit named Bogardus.  One of our active members from Las Cruces, NM, who also happens to be the Editor of the EAA Chapter 555’s Newsletter, Carl Bogardus, himself a pilot, made this observation:

“I am sure that he is related, all of us are – the family name here started out in New Amsterdam. Quite a few of us are pilots also. Thanks for sending this (old photo) on to me. Will share them with family.”

The following commentary that Dr. Bouilly discovered along with the Bogardus Jenny photo seen above is in a non-text JPG (Photo) format, so in order to easily read it, just click anywhere on the text you see inside the sepia toned frame that follows below and it will be enlarged to full (readable) resolution.Write up opbatined by Dr. Bouilly for the FASF (Cropped&Framed)

Please take note of the fact that some of the above referenced notation material is incorrect.  The 1st Aero was formed in 1913, not 1914, for instance.

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