HELP! Know What This Remarkable Jet Is? – Tell Us, If You Do

6/20/16-Above is much better resolution video of same video seen below, and found by Fritz Wagoner on YouTube.  Fritz is one of our FASF members and also an active member of our Airfield Site Survey Team, too!  Besides being a pilot, Fritz has an extensive background in Law Enforcement and those forensic skills helped him come up with some very enlightening information on this short video.  Look for his comments here on site.

Alleged Russian Sukhoi Supersonic Jet Fighter

                                     Alleged Russian Sukhoi Supersonic Jet Fighter dancing on its tail . . .

This is the first time we’ve posted a video puzzler on the site.  The above (Just click on the photo above to see the short – 1 minute long – clip) video shows a pretty remarkable Delta Winged Cunard Fighter Jet actually nimbly dancing on its tail.  The email containing this alleged supersonic “Russian Sukhoi” jet fighter was sent by a former USAF pilot and FASF member and friend to FASF member and frequent website contributor, also a former USAF Pilot, Virg Hemphill.  The clip is described as follows, “See the Russian Fighter Plane doing a delicate solo dance at ground level. It is even more amazing when one realizes this is a deadly plane capable of supersonic speeds and dropping nuclear bombs and  shooting down almost any fighter plane.

Meanwhile, Virg and your Webmaster have some doubts that this is a true statement or that the video shows what it claims to be a Russian Sukhoi Fighter.  In fact our own opinions are that the plane in the video may by a large replica of the Chinese Fighter, the “J-10” Delta Wing jet and that, furthermore, it may even be a large scale Radio Controlled (RC) version of that ship at that.  The only Russian Supersonic Sukhoi fighters with which we’re familiar are all twin-tailed and twin engined non-delta winged machines.

So, here’s a chance FOR YOU to help clear the air about this sensational looking video clip.  There are other hints in this video that may help you determine what is really being witnessed.  We’d love to hear what you think, so please let us know.  If you are stumped yourself, don’t hesitate to ask someone you might know who is a genuine military aviation expert, such an active duty aviator.  To let us know what you think, simply scroll down to the bottom of this page and enter your comments in the field box next to the “Leave a Reply” caption.

13 thoughts on “HELP! Know What This Remarkable Jet Is? – Tell Us, If You Do

  1. Ira

    I’d say it’s a large-scale model. Too quiet, small runway/taxiway, too many spectators close to demo, and the aircraft moves too abruptly. Cool model and flying by the owner though!

    1. Mauride

      A pilot for Royal Jordanian Airlines also said it is a large model; I doubt that any real plane could be controlled enough to do half of what is shown!

  2. Ken McLaggan

    The blast from the tailpipe would be HUGE. I see no evidence of that. Also, with no forward motion, there is no force generated to move the nose around and control the vertical attitude. I fear it may be a HOAX

  3. Ric Lambart

    Ken, you and several other viewers have all concluded the same thing. It’s a hoax, surely not what the YouTube video claims we are seeing. Congratulations on your sharp eye. And thanks for visiting the FASF Site and contributing your ideas and thoughts!

  4. Rui da Silva

    At the end of the clip, the exhaust blast should have blown away the spectators that were behind. It looks like morphed video, replacing a copter or drone!

  5. Ric Lambart

    Rui, You have a sharp eye and good intellect. Good points, because there is now no doubt remaining that the video clip was a complete fraud. Good work and thanks for the input!

  6. Eric

    Didn’t anyone notice the 3 guys at the very beginning with “GABA Hobby Center” T-Shirts, and another “Jet Team”? I say Ira was right–this is seems to be an RC model flying club in Brazil. We just missed their 31st “Aeromodelismo” festival in April:

    It is strange that people didn’t get roasted when its thrust was directed their way, but evidently it’s a model jet. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was, specifically, one of these Chengdu J10 replicas:

    “J10 3D” is in that mysterious video’s title, as well as “piloto Fabio Borges”. Searching YouTube for “Fabio Borges” turns up of a bunch of other RC aircraft videos. Furthermore, I strongly suspect I have figured out what “piloto” means in Portuguese, but I’m afraid I can’t divulge that at this time. 😉

    Here is Fabio again, flying a propeller-driven model (it says “Sukhoi”in the title, but doesn’t much look like the Su-2, the only propeller plane Sukhoi made):

  7. R.V(Virg)Hemphill

    Hey Ric,
    I was glued to the first part of the article where, ” I re-lived my own career & being so fortunate to have been in the right-place-at-right time & having the ability to conform / do, etc what was required of a professional pilot. It was not all ” stick & rudder” -but rather a commitment to a life in the Aviation Community which includes social, continued education, safety awareness, personal physical health & always keeping ones self, “mentally-tuned in on the correct frequencies” for you & your employer’s success…….it is not ” me” it is “we”–part of the TEAM!
    The above guide lines would apply to a Military Pilot’s career as well as in the Airline & General Aviation World.

    1. fasfric

      As always, Virg, thanks for the fine input about aviation in general and airline and military service in particular. It’s always great to have your input and once again thanks for the leads on so many great stories, most of which we’ve posted – – – or still will when time permits. Somehow the WordPress comment service slipped up on your comment and I just received it a few minutes ago – only 6 months late. Just closing up shop here at Holloman AFB, Alamogordo, NM where we attended the latest graduation ceremony for the 311th Fighter Squadron – and the Order of Daedalian’s Leadership award was given to our first female fighter pilot winner. Things have changed – and it looks like much for the better. An inspiring group of young men – and now women.

    1. fasfric

      Thanks for your input. Looks as though you and some other sharp eyed sleuths saw this video’s ersatz origins and called it out for its phony claims. Good work!

  8. Marianne Hillenbrand

    Me and my husband have Seen 2001 in Frankfurt-Hahn an starfighter ( American Pilot ) Doing the Same Dance .sorry for my poor English .

    1. fasfric

      Thanks for your comments, Marianne. Your English is fine. Easy to understand that you and your husband saw this done by an American Pilot at Frankfurt. It that the same place as the old Frankfurt am Main International Airport?


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