34 Homebuilt RV-6 Airplanes in Formation Over Oshkosh

Thanks to the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association), to which many FASF members belong, we have this unique 6 minute video of the world’s most popular home built airplane being flown in formation over the festivities at Oshkosh for this year’s annual AirVenture – the world’s largest airshow.  Special thanks also to Paul “Rosie” Rosales, long time EAA member and organizer of the special formation flight and the video coverage shown above.

Here, from the EAA’s regular Internet News Post is the full description:

Ride Along With 34 RVs Over OSH16

Carl Brownd, EAA (member number 606429), call sign “Jawbone,” shared this video of the giant formation of RVs that flew over EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2016. The video, uploaded by YouTube user George Ford, features footage shot from several aircraft in the gigantic 34-ship formation, including some from a number of GoPro cameras mounted on Brownd’s airplane. We’re grateful to all involved for sharing this unique perspective, and especially for this tremendous display that helped us celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Van’s RV-6.”

VAN’S Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation is located near Portland, OR in the town of Aurora.  Your webmaster highly recommends membership in our sister aviation organization, the EAA, particularly since so many local EAA chapter members are such active volunteer contributors to your FASF.  The closest EAA Chapters to the FASF National Headquarters in Columbus, NM, are in Las Cruces, NM (Chapter 555) and even closer to Columbus, in Santa Teresa, NM (Chapter 1570).  Both Chapter Presidents, Wesley Baker (555) and John Keithly (1570) are active FASF members.  The EAA Worldwide Chapter Network Manager at EAA Headquarter in Oshkosh, WI, is also a long time active member of the FASF, Brett Hahn.

You can locate the EAA chapter nearest to you home quite easily by just going to this EAA Chapter Finder Link.

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