Challenging Approach to Landing at London City Airport

This interesting short (3:58) video is thanks to FASF Aviation Scout in Detroit, James Purcell.

The Video features Senior British Airways (BA) Captain, Carey Atherton, who talks us through the harrowing approach to a safe – yet typical – landing at this smaller but closer-in British Airport.  Captain Atherton is only one of 27 BA transcontinental Airbus A318 Captains qualified by this British Carrier to land at this small London Airport.  She regularly makes this same flight between New York City and London.

This cockpit video shows the steep approach into London City Airport in celebration of the airline’s bespoke business-class only service completing 25 million miles – the equivalent to 100 trips to the moon or circling the earth 1000 times. The footage, filmed from the pilots’ perspective on the flight deck, gives everyone the chance to see the amazing aerial views of the UK capital’s iconic skyline.


We thought you’d also enjoy seeing this brief (1:12) video of a flash mob dance suddenly, and clearly by surprise, put on by an enthusiastic group of British Airways Flight Crew members, dancing to the familiar theme music of the Dancing With The Stars American TV show, “Do the Strictly.”

Should you be curious about how British Airways perceives female pilots controlling its bevy of modern jet airliners, then you’ll be curious to see this short (1:44) promotional video where the airline is busily recruiting more female pilot applicants.  The ladies in this clip are the Duggan Sisters:

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