Amelia – Does Just Uncovered Photo Solve 80 Year Mystery?

Amelia Earhart in 1936 . . .

One of the most enduring mysteries of the past century may – after numerous dead end and various strange and mostly speculative theories – finally be close to a genuine forensic styled resolution.

Since her disappearance 80 years ago, on July 2, 1937, while flying her Lockheed Electra Model 10E from New Guinea to her destination of Howland Island, the following eight decades have witnessed one “new discovery” after another, but none ever managed to produce any truly hard evidentiary findings – – – until a just discovered, once labeled SECRET photo from the National Archives, in Washington, DC. surfaced for inspection.

One of the most promising and professional organizations among the many in pursuit of an answer to this missing American Heroine’s fate, has been one focusing on the a small Pacific Island known as Saipan, where for over 75 years there have been a multitude of eye-witnesses or sometimes, if now deceased, their relatives, who remember clearly back in 1937 when a young white woman – with short hair and wearing men’s clothing –  and a tall white man, who had been both described as flyers, had been captured by the Japanese occupiers of the Island and placed in the local Japanese jail.

This group of mystery-solving enthusiasts, calling themselves “Earhart on Saipan,” obtained crowd funding to pursue their research and investigative efforts, which have just been given a sudden spotlight of never before witnessed credibility – all as the direct consequence of this long obscured single SECRET photo, one hidden away for more than 75 years in Washington’s Classified Archives.

In that photo, taken on Saipan in the year of Amelia’s disappearance, there appears to be a woman with the characteristics of Earhart, along with a Caucasian man, closely resembling her Navigator, Fred Noonan. This just discovered photograph has been studied by professional photographic intelligence experts who claim the print does not seem altered and that, indeed, both the two white people in the photo appear to be Earhart and Noonan. Furthermore, it also appears to contain the image, on a barge being towed by a Japanese ship, of their wrecked Lockheed Electra. So, without further ado, let us explore this astounding news.

Never before, in some 80 years, has even one photo alleging to be either Amelia or Fred Noonan, ever surfaced. So now it’s time for us to determine if this is the real thing, or not.  What do you think?

The above video is lengthy, some 35 minutes long, but it gives a wealth of extraordinarily consistent eye and hearsay witness testimony confirming that Amelia and her navigator, Fred Noonan were captured by the Japanese – and imprisoned on Saipan – immediately after their crash on a nearby uninhabited atoll.

Most troubling of all is the emerging evidence that Washington and the U.S. military establishment have long known of this situation, but for some reason, chose to keep it both secret and unacknowledged.*

* Editor’s Note: Almost since her disappearance from the world stage back on that fateful July day in 1937, it has been openly and quietly speculated that Washington had set up Earhart and Noonan to take copious aerial photographs of the Japanese occupied Marshall Islands over which they planned to fly.  I’d suggest that, if this were true, and it likely wasthe Japanese military who captured the pair would have quickly seen the special and expensive camera gear aboard the Electra, which it seems they also captured, and have legitimately determined the two explorer-adventurers to be genuine U. S. spies. 

This fact (assuming it is a fact) would also explain why the U.S. Marines, who now reportedly re-captured the Lockheed Plane late in the war, might have elected to bury it at the Japanese Airfield – thereby obscuring the discomforting reality that we had been spying (provoking?) on the Japanese some four years before they struck us at Pearl Harbor.  Could it be that this unpleasant reality has kept Washington’s lid on the mystery? Please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think down below in the rectangular “Leave a Reply” field”- – – and why.  RL

Amelia Earhart and her Navigator, Fred Noonan, in Oakland, CA, in publicity photo, before their flight began in 1937.

The above video by NBC News’ TODAY show, summarizes the breaking new story about what may ultimately prove to be the final resolution of the 80 year old Earhart Mystery  . . . (6:24 long).

This (above) 6:20 minute long video, tagged “Least Controversial Amelia Earhart Theory,” is well put together by Mr. Dennis Borja.  Dennis put his speculated chain of events together almost four years before the new Saipan “Secret” photo was even made public.  His thesis was a  compilation of an impressively well thought out and then logically put together group of currently known facts, but now his speculation has suddenly gained a new found credibility, particularly because of today’s latest photo, along with some new eye witness testimonials from Saipan.  The new once SECRET photo appears to suddenly make Borja’s 2013 thesis now a highly probable description of what might really have taken place, as this classic American Mystery came to its tragic ending some 80 years ago.

Least Controversal Amelia Earhart Theory. This is only a Theory

Is this above photo the first time a genuine post-crash picture of Earhart and Noonan has ever appeared in public? This is the startling new photo which is analyzed in the above video by NBC News.  Can you guess which figure is Amelia – – – and which is Noonan – – – without first viewing the video?

Amelia Earhart sitting on the nose of her Lockheed Electra . . .

Amelia Earhart seated in the Co-Pilot’s position (she took no co-pilot) in her Lockheed Electra before her final flight in 1937

Amelia Earhart with Mayor Walker of New York City in 1932 in celebration of her Transatlantic flight

1928 Photograph of Amelia Earhart in Los Angeles, California standing by one of the planes she flew . . .

Amelia in Front of one of her planes ca 1935

Amelia Earhart & her publisher and primary promoter, George P. Putnam right after their marriage in 1931.

Amelia Earhart with President Herbert Hoover, as he presents her with the the National Geographic Medal at the White House on June 31, 1032.

Amelia Earhart at White House to meet President Calvin Coolidge on November 2, 1928

6 thoughts on “Amelia – Does Just Uncovered Photo Solve 80 Year Mystery?

  1. War

    Nonsense. Neither the Japanese nor American officials could have kept such a secret quiet, especially after all these years and the fact the US won the war and occupied Japan for years afterwards under General MacArthur. Even if Earhart & Noonan had been on a spying mission, its revelation would not have excused the Pearl Harbor attack as well as parallel attacks against British and Dutch interests in SE Asia. Conclusion: just more Fake News.

    1. fasfric

      Thanks for the opinion, Mr. Davis. While your editor, here, respectfully disagrees, it’s great to know you’re out there and reading our posts. And we’re mighty happy to have your two cents thrown into the mix. Not sure if the History Channel 2 hour special on this latest “discovery” has played, yet, but wish I could see it. But, alas, no cable or satellite to enable its viewing. Did you see it? Still think the same, that it’s “Fake News?” Admittedly, there’s always more than enough Fake News to go around, and the Internet is likely its greatest champion, but I’m still on board the notion that the capture – and execution – of the wandering pair of American fliers is likely what really went down in that remote part of the S. Pacific back in July of 1937 – when I was only 8 years old. The media almost unanimously told us that there were “Weapons of Mass Destruction” over in Iraq, which got the country behind that fiasco, so you’re certainly on point about Fake News, and suspect you’d also agree that it can do a whole lot of damage. Whatever the truth may be, the Earhart/Noonan tale is certainly one that captured the word’s attention, not just at the time, but all these years later. Again, Mr. Davis, thanks for your take on the story!

  2. Brian Rourke

    I believe that the Japanese and Americans could both keep such a big secret, against the scope of the war the lives lost, the desire to forget and move on, and the reality that nothing good would come from exposing this kind of scandal after the war. The Manhattan Project, the Tonkin Gulf Incident, and the “Silent Service” are examples where thousands of people knew the truth, were sworn to secrecy, and kept the secret until it was declassified, and key players decided to write about it. It is interesting that the editor used weapons of mass destruction in Iraq as an example of hiding the truth. In August 2009 the third largest cache of chemical weapons in the world was found under the Euphrates River—it simply wasn’t reported. Who wants to report that, only four months after Obama was awarded the Noble Prize?
    We love to lock onto a compelling story, even if there are better explanations out there. Read this one about Emelia Earhart
    It dosn’t feature Japanese villains or big government conspiracy, just a compelling story about an aviatrix who missed Howland Island, took the most logical course of action, and was never found.

  3. Andy

    I could believe it. The Japanese had more war crimes than the Germans or any other countries as to date they killed millions of civilians all over Asia from the islands in the Pacific to inland China as well as there own. They would behead allied service members for fun just because they surrounded. The US government knew what happened but kept quiet about it because they asked her to spy and the Japanese knew it was her but kept it hush hush because she was an icon and they were very secretive about everything they spent Decades denying the Bataan Death March till recently when they omitted it. Anyway she was spying on ship movements and they most likely shot her down and like that picture shows she’s sitting on a pier looking at the plane. You will hear from other people saying why is she just sitting there. Well (1 )she’s on an occupied island where can she run too. (2) she was most likely thinking they were just saved and will be returned to the US with the world not knowing the brutality of the Japanese yet that would be most people thinking the plane was most likely burned and they both were tortured and held captive. once realized they were losing their foothold of the Pacific. The Japanese beheaded them and buried them In the jungle somewhere where the battle of Saipan Destroyed any evidence.

    1. FASFRIC

      Thanks for the commentary and logical-sounding opinion, Andy. Be happy to hear more from you! There is a quite recent new book out about Amelia’s “disappearance” and it appears to be far more based upon hard evidence than any others to date. I’ll get the name of it and then post it here. It did conclude, as I recall, that she was indeed captured by the Japanese and held on that same Island mentioned in the allegedly discredited photo story.

      1. FASFRIC

        Andy – and also “War” and Brian: Here is the scoop, which I have great confidence is NOT another FAKE NEWS on the two American aviators and their heretofore mostly mysterious disappearance back in 1937 – almost 82 years ago today!: Here’s a website dedicated to the TRUTH about the Earhart mystery, and also the most compellingly fact-laden book yet to be published on the entire subject of the two missing fliers. Website URL:
        And here’s the book’s description and purchase website (AMAZON): An interesting aside: I did an Amazon search for this book, and it came up with other books, but NOT this one. Clearly, for whatever reasons, the establishment interests do not want this last authoritative book to be readily located.

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