48 Years ago, Bill Wehner, one of the original founders of the First Aero Squadron Foundation, and another friend, both Cessna 170 owners, joined forces to organize an association of this classic airplane’s owners and enthusiasts.

Today that group, called the INTERNATIONAL CESSNA 170 ASSOCIATION boasts over 1,000 members, from not just the U.S., but abroad as well.  This summer, on July 9, the Cessna group held its annual convention in nearby Deming, NM, only 30 miles North of Columbus.  One of the highlights of the convention was a visit, on July 13th, to Columbus to see, first hand, the Historic First Aero Squadron’s 1916-17 Army Airfield, where American Air Power was born.

Bill’s widow was co-organizer of this July Association gathering, and made arrangements for the conventioneers to visit each of Columbus’ principal historic sites: Pancho Villa State Park, The Columbus Historical Society’s Famed Depot Museum – – – and the FAS 19166-17 Airfield.

Bob Wright, retired U.S. Army Aviation Services veteran, former Fire Chief of Columbus, and now the FASF’s Chief of Airfield Security, arranged to operate his video empowered Drone over the field at the time of the Association’s visit in order to provide a memento for the out of town guests (including several FASF members), of their visit to see the historic Airfield.  The 2 minute 34 second (2:34) silent video below depicts this first-time visit by the Cessna enthusiast group. Don’t hesitate to open the video (it was shot in HD) to full-page-size for better viewing.

Notice that Bob is operating his Drone near the rear of the light blue colored car in the far right of the below video.  He even encouraged several of the lady 170 club members fly the Drone, as you might notice later in the clip.  You can also see some of the visitors looking up at and waving at the Drone’s Video camera.

The FASF and Bob dedicate this video to the Int’l. Cessna 170 Association and its members!

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