No, They Had No Parachutes in Columbus in 1916, but . . .

this video’s theme was still most certainly within the same realm and spirit those brave First Aero pilots helped pioneer a bit over a century ago, in this high desert NM environment, the same kind of spirit that clearly still dwells within the hearts of the brave and adventurous souls who made this following short film.

This video is a magnificent piece of not only videography, but one exhibiting some extraordinary creativity,  and a relatively new piloting skill – – – one for those brave souls who choose to jump out of securely flying airplanes, off mountains, bridges, cliffs or whatever else rises high enough above the surrounding terrain to provoke and challenge their skill.

The colorful high-resolution videography seen below is brilliantly edited, scored and presented for those of us who might prefer to remain either more earthbound than the parachutists, or at least stay inside the securely flying airplane from which these adventurers often prefer to leap.

Thanks again to FASF Aviation News Scout, Captain Nancy Aldrich for this wonderful piece of entertainment.  The film is only 4:44 long, but please stay for the interesting credits (1:16) at the end.  You’ll discover the widely separated places on this beautiful earth where this amazing film was created.

And, of course, thanks to Pilot Jean Baptiste Chandelier and Synchro Pilot, Guillaume Galvani, for without them the excitingly beautiful film would not exist.

Make sure your sound is on, and that you open the video to full-screen!






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