SHUTTLEWORTH – See century old airplanes actually fly!

There is no place on planet earth where one can readily see such a wide variety of airplanes designed and built over a century ago actually take to the air with pilots guiding them aloft and safely back to Terra Firma.  These are exceptionally skilled pilots who are but a fraction of their airplane’s age. Please bear in mind that most of the antique aircraft in the museum’s collection are quite difficult – and even dangerous to fly – especially when compared to the inherently stable airplanes of today.

Here, below, is a full length video of 60 minutes duration, in which one can enjoy this renown collection of vintage, historic and modern aircraft in action.  It is located at the Old Warden Aerodrome, Old Warden in Bedfordshire, England.  This unique collection is not just of aircraft, but also of vintage road traveling vehicles, too.  Sir John Allison, opens the film with a clear description of the Shuttleworth Collection and of its history.  Once in Great Britain, it is easy to reach the Aerodrome and even easier to find nearby onsite convenient parking, should one be traveling by or with their own or a rented auto.  The Collection’s home page is right here.

On your next visit to the British Isles, don’t forget to book a visit to this colorful collection of both vintage aircraft and motor vehicles.  Their special event Airshows are widely acclaimed as being more than worth the time and trouble to experience.  Should you be flying yourself around Great Britain, be advised that you can fly right onto the Old Warden Aerodrome, and that there isn’t even a landing fee! 

Many of the Collection’s aircraft predate the First Aero’s fabled Jennys.  If you are planning a visit to England, you might want to check the Shuttleworth Air Show schedule so that you can include one of their shows in your visit.


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