Wild Croatian Air Force Pilot Puts His Pilatus to the Test

Sit tight and watch your knuckles turn white as you hang on for this 3:19 wild ride, right on the deck, with this Croatian Air Force Pilot, as he steeply banks his jet-prop fighter right and left over roads, rivers, farm fields and, yes under bridges. Steep banks, such as this video displays, are more than dangerous this close to the terrain.  And, take a deep breath, as he flies right under the Mirna Bridge in Western Croatia.

One of Croatian Air Force Emblems

This looks dangerous:  and it is.  But it also shows you what a high degree of piloting skill can help you accomplish.  It mayh also give you a hint of how adventurous and downright fun it can be to fly your own plane.  Courtesy of ICONIC.


                                                    Croatian Air Force Exhibition Team

                                                     Croatian AF PC-9’s in  Formation

                                                       CAF PC-9’s Exhibiting Formation maneuvers

                                                  CAF Pilatus PC-9 Taxis out for takeoff.

                                                        CAF PC-9 Takes off and raises gear.

                                                               Croatian Air Force MIG-21

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