Concealed Cabins in New Dreamliners – And Extra Engines?

Thanks to TOMONEWS, we’ve got some interesting insights into the new era’s Boeing Dreamliners, some design features about which you may not yet have heard.  The below video is 14:00 long.

This video also contains some other similar information about the Airline industry that may also be news for you.  Have you heard of large new circular runways designed to replace the conventional long straight ones?  Have you heard that some Boeing Airliners are able to carry spare engines slung under their wings, just as are the main propulsion power plants?  The video is in HD, so don’t hesitate to go full screen – – – and make sure your sound it turned on, as well. 

You’ll most likely find some other truly fascinating new Airline futurist concepts here for the first time.  We hope so.  Enjoy.

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