Accordingly, the state directed its Department of Transportation (DOT) to immediately survey the most appropriate location for a new Historical Marker Sign, designed to mark the Airfield and describe its unique place in New Mexico and National history.

Today marked the first time the DOT Engineers visited the Airfield and the area on which the new Historical Sign could most advantageously be erected, once it is designed and fabricated for installation.  Below are the two DOT Engineers who completed the site location task and marked the site for the new sign.  Click on any photo to see it full-size and resolution.

When the sign is completed and the installation occurs, we will announce the event in advance, so anyone interested might join the ceremony and the following luncheon celebration at the acclaimed Pink Store, a long time business supporter and member of the FASF, in nearby Palomas,Mexico.

Stay tuned!

Congratulations to FASF 1st Vice President, Jason Adams, who has spent the past two years shepherding the Historic Recognition Project through the state agencies and commissions to a successful completion.

Above are the DOT Engineers at the FAS Airfield. L to R are Miguel Garcia and Baltazar “Bronco” Granados

Above, L to R, again, at the NW corner of the historic Airfield are Engineers Miguel Garcia and “Bronco” Granados.

With the site selected on which to erect the new historical marker sign, engineer Granados marks the location with white paint in readiness for the installation crew.  In the background, to the left above, you can see the old CAA Power Shed building that was once on the Airfield to power its Radio Navigation Antenna Tower and also its Flashing Light Airways marker beacon.  The CAA used the 1916 Airfield as one of the “intermediate” emergency airfields for the first Transcontinental Postal Airways System.  The first airplanes used to carry the U.S. mail were none other than the indomitable Curtiss Jennies, the same planes developed, tested and proven right on the nearby 1916 FAS Airfield.

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