Capt. Nancy Visits FASF Columbus – Dines at the Pink Store

Local FASF members and supporters greeted Capt. Nancy Aldrich (Ret. UAL),  Author and Aviation Writer for the FASF, who came over to visit the FASF and its facilities, and to meet some of its active local volunteers, yesterday.  Ms. Aldrich made her first visit to the Pink Store in nearby Palomas, Mexico.  Here, below, are some photos taken of the festive event: Click on any photos below to see them full-size and in HD resolution.

L to R: Alma Villezcas, FASF Treasurer and Jeff Smith, FASF Local Business Supporter and Member.

L to R above: Dev Olliver, FASF Photographer; Jeane and Bud Canfield (FASF Advisor); Capt. Nancy; Wayne Le Blanc; Leslie Bronken; Alma Villezcas; Jeff Smith; and and Adelaide Bennett.

L to R: Bud Canfield and FASF Newsletter Editor, July McClure look on as Captain Nancy describes an experience she had while a Captain on a Boeing 767 Airliner . . . Wayne LeBlanc and Leslie Bronken.

L to R: Jeane and Bud Canfield, July McClure, Capt. Nancy, Wayne Le Blanc, Leslie Bronken and Alma Villezcas. Ms. Aldrich had the table in stitches with some of her funnier flying experiences.

L to R:  Nancy Aldrich and July Mcclure discuss what it was like to start flying lessons at 37 and then the experience of joining, and later working into the Pilot-in-Command (left) seat at United Airlines.  Center background are Leslie Bronken, Alma Villezcas and Jeff Smithk, Atty.

L to R: July McClure, Nancy Aldrich, Ric Lambart and Wayne Le Blanc.

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