Air Force One – – – Columbine II Project – – – is Underway!

Four years ago, August 10, 2014, we reported on the dilemma facing the 1st AIR FORCE ONE, our Presidential Transport aircraft.  Back then, in 2014, this historic airplane had been almost accidentally discovered, actively in the process of rotting away in the blistering heat of a Marana, AZ aircraft Boneyard, about 30 minute’s drive Northwest of Tucson, AZ.

Well, we are happy to report that that news story, appearing on the aviation news circuit, and the happenstance rediscovery of it at Marana by Scott Glover, apparently did the trick, as the below 40:50 length video reveals.  Remember to keep your audio turned up!

1 thought on “Air Force One – – – Columbine II Project – – – is Underway!

  1. R.V(Virg)Hemphill

    Started this Lockheed Columbine video & planned to skim it…watch the whole thing & enjoyed every minute! Even saw some ELP landmarks that were familiar- thx…Virg Hemphill,


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