Laguardia Airport Photo Album from 1920’s Thru 1950’s

          Virg Hemphill

           Doc Edwards


This “Scrapbook” show was recommended for posting by two of our trusty Aviation News Scouts, Virg Hemphill, and Doc Edwards, at left.

                                  “Cover” of NYC’s Laguardia Airport Scrapbook of 1020’s through 1950’s . . .

This treasure chest of old photos provides a wonderful insight into the pages ofaviation history in the United States.  Most of these priceless time-capsule photos were taken from shortly after the Peace Treaty of Versailles in Europe through the Cold War Era.  See if you can find any errors in any of the captions posted below any of the pictures.  We found only two, and they were for miss-dates.

To enjoy this collection  of historical photos, which are seen in a slide show fashion, merely click on the above “Scrapbook Cover” and then simply scroll down each time you’re ready to see the next photograph.




LaGuardia Exhibit Album

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