Life and Times of Triple Ace Robin Olds – By Christina Olds

    Cover of Christina Olds‘ Book about her Dad

This video is about the life of Triple Ace Robin Olds, one of America’s greatest fighter pilots, who also became one of America’s most colorful military mavericks.  While the video is lengthy (1:43:45)  it gives a moving description of one of America’s greatest USAF Aces.

The story laced with some fascinating historical insights, such as when Robin met with President Johnson during the Vietnam conflict.  The fighting Colonel’s retort to the President’s query about how it was going “over there,” is a classic,* and helps reveal the utter insanity of our official engagement philosophy in that post WWII controversial “conflict.” * This particular thought-provoking incident is at 49:49 into the film. See photo below. To enlarge the below photo, just click on it.

           Col. Robin Olds in Oval Office with LBJ


The video is produced by Jarel and Betty Wheaton of and for the  “Peninsula (Palos Verdes, CA) Seniors” group. The film is essentially of Robin’s daughter, Christina Olds’ recollections of her father’s extraordinarily colorful life, on a visit by the group to the Torrance, CA (suburbof Los Angeles) Western Museum of Flight.  The video is interspersed with a large number of photographs of her Dad, his planes and pals, from throughout his unusual career.

Christina has written a popular book (above photo) about her Dad, ” Fighter Pilot: The Memoirs of Legendary Ace Robin Olds.

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