FASF/Daedalians Award Top Leadership Trophy to Lt. “Fogs”

Once again, the Order of Daedalians, Flight 24, of El Paso, Texas, attended the graduation of the 311th Fighter Squadron’s newly qualified F-16 Viper pilots.  The Squadron is stationed at Holloman Air Force Base near Alamogordo, NM.  As usual, the Daedalians were privileged to make an award to the student chosen to be the most outstanding leader among the graduates.

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F-16 Vipers in close formation

L to R: Former Fighter Pilot, Colonel Bob Pitt and S/Sergeant Emily Killingbeck spoke at length during the social hour preceding the ceremonies.  The sergeant is from Sacramento, CA.

Making the presentation at this ceremony was FASF President, Ric Lambart.  The honored recipient of the award this time was Idahoan, Lt. William “Fogs” Jaundalderis, who will leave shortly for Kunsan Air Base, in the Republic of South Korea.

The event was opened by Senior Master Sergeant, Chris Calhoun (below left) , who sang for the graduates and their some 400 guests, his exceptionally well-performed version of the national anthem.  The event was held in one of the Squadron’s F-16 hangars at the base.


L to R: Senior Master Sergeant, Chris Calhoun, opening ceremonial singer, converses with Sergeant Emily Killingbeck.

Long retired Vietnam Fighter pilot, Colonel Bob Pitt, and Sergeant Killingbeck discussed life in the modern Air Force.

L to R: Chief Master Sergeant Sarah Esparza and her husband, Pete, chat with two guests from Alamogordo.  Chief Master Sergeant Esparza is the highest ranking non-commissioned officer at Holloman Air Force Base.

L to R: Col. Bob Pitt, Col. “Knuckles” Campo, Commander of the 49th Wing, and Daedalian Flight Captain, Col. Mario Campos.

L to R: Sergeant Killingbeck, one of the 311th Instructor’s wives and the 49th Wing Flight Surgeon

Graduates pose as a group by their squadron Commander, Lt. Colonel Shulman’s, Viper.  NOTE:  The 4th and 5th pilots from the left above are the only 2 female aviators in this class.

Lockheed Martin F-16 Viper of the South Carolina Air Guard flies into action with a full load of armament.

At Left, Ric Lambart gives brief history of Daedalian Flight 24 and of its origins at Holloman Air Force Base in 1969. Photo by Colonel Mario Campos.

L to R: Ric Lambart congratulated winner of the Daedalian Leadership Trophy, Lt. William “Fogs” Jaundalderis.  Photo by Colonel Mario Campos.

L to R: FASF member and Daedalian, Colonel Miles “Cowboy” Crowell, presented coveted “River Rat Wingman” award to Lt. Tyler Rico. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Autumn Vogt)

Recipient of the Top Gun Award for Air to Ground Skill was Lt. Aimee Fiedler (at right above), one of the only two women in the class.  She will soon be stationed in the Republic of South Korea.

Center, above: The other female Fighter Pilot graduate at the ceremony was Lt. Mary “Torch” Nicklas, who will be stationed in Italy.  Nicklas is displaying her new graduate’s diploma.

L to R above: All Daedalians and FASF members, Miles Cowboy” Crowell, Ric Lambart, Leadership Awardee, Will “Fogs” Jaundalderis, Daedalian Flight Captain, Colonel Mario Campos, and Colonel Bob Pitt.  Lt. Jaundalderis is a new FASF member.

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