2nd Largest Air Force – – – In Arizona’s Famous Boneyard

When your Webmaster lived in Arizona for 20 years, first in Tucson, and later in Phoenix, I often saw and/or visited the world famous aircraft “boneyard” at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, but more often, its equally well known Non-Profit Pima Air and Space Museum at the Southern border of that large air base.  The museum has a wind-fall of retired war planes literally sitting in its own backyard.  The following official United States Air Force video (9:25 long) tells the interesting story of both the famous “boneyard” – – – and of its neighboring museum.

The U.S. Navy formerly maintained its own Boneyard, but up to the West of Phoenix, Arizona, at Litchfield Park.  However they closed that in the early 1960’s, and consolidated the Defense Department’s storage needs with the much larger – and drier – Tucson Davis-Monthan facility.

Hopefully, you might find this video story about the “Boneyard” interesting, and certainly informative.  The video is a fascinating insight into our own history.

For a separate yet spectacular 360 degree view of this huge airplane boneyard, visit our previous movingly (it is in motion!) graphic post of three years ago, right here.

[Although about four years old, you might still enjoy it at full-screen mode on your computer]

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