Off to an Aircraft Carrier Landing Competition – in a TBM850

With Valerie (L below) and Steveo (R) up front, and their friend, Eric, in the back seat of this TBM-850 jet-prop ship, we take a quick trip to Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport for a pilot get-together and entertainment event featuring an Aircraft Carrier Landing Competition.

It’s one made in a sophisticated Flight Simulator, but the contestants are flying a General Aviation Cessna 172 – not a US Navy airplane.  Steveo is web (VLOG) master of a site dedicated to both inspiring new pilots to join the flying fraternity, and/or to learn more about proper in-flight procedures, particularly flying on instruments. The quality of his video productions is quite professional and educational.

For those of you not familiar with what a “VLOG” is: it is no more than an Internet blog that regularly features short videos, thus the “V” in front of and substituted for the “b.”  Steveo’s below video is 25:12 long.

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