The F-15E “Strike Eagle” – Watch Their Crews’ Daily Routines

One of our active members, Colonel Jeff Patton,* USAF, (2nd photo down, after clicking the link,, with your webmaster, in front a F-16 “Viper” at Holloman AFB) who is now stationed in Germany, is most proud of his duty flying the 4th Generation F-15 “Eagle” Fighter.

Here’s an illuminating set of short videos, in which you can see that sturdy Strike Eagle in action. The first clip was taken by our USAF with a hi-resolution cockpit view.  You will quickly see why Jeff so enjoyed cavorting in the blue with that same magnificent first-line American defender. This first short (3:43) clip is courtesy of the MFA (Military Footage Archive).

In the second video, you’ll see more of the sturdy F-15 Strike Eagle, all in high definition and shot by USAF personnel.  To get a more full appreciation of the high caliber quality of these clips, don’t hesitate to go to full screen view, and make sure your sound is on.

The below clip (9:29 long) of the F-15E, is provided thanks to Gung Ho Vids.  Here, we’ll watch the pilots prep, conduct their preflight procedure and then some takeoffs. Some of our members and viewers will feel sensations of nostalgia as we recall the same sorts of experiences during our tours of duty.

Below is a six minute clip of more F-15E Strike Eagles taking off from Seymour Johnson AFB in North Carolina.  The squadrons are heading out for “Green Flag” exercises in Nevada with the US Army.  A Pilot, Captain Willy Muench, with the 336th Fighter Squadron, describes their mission.

*Jeff’s father, Colonel Don Patton, US Army Retired, is also an FASF member and a well-known Military Historian.

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