The Order of Daedalians, a fraternal organization of current or former U.S. Military aviators, has just announced the election of long-time FASF member, Alan Fisher, of Las Cruces, NM to the post of Captain of the El Paso, Texas, Major General Frank Nichols Flight 24.  Almost the entire El Paso Flight are active members of the FASF.  Thanks to Colonel Mario Campos, Jr., we have the following official release about Alan’s new Daedalian leadership role.  Col. Campos, also a member of the FASF, was the previous Flight Captain.

            Lt. Colonel Alan Fisher

Alan D. Fisher was born in Santa Cruz, CA 1954. He attended the USAF Academy from 1972 -1976 and Graduated with a BS in Environmental Engineering, finishing as an Outstanding Cadet in General Studies, top 15% in academic rank. After graduation from UPT class 77-08 at Laughlin AFB, TX, he was selected as a T-37 Instructor Pilot and Academic Instructor in 47th Student Squadron from 1977 to 1980.

Following Laughlin, he was assigned to KC-135 weapon system training and stationed at SAC’s 924th Air Refueling Squadron at Castle AFB.  At Castle, he sat on SIOP nuclear alert and participated in numerous TDY’s to Alaska and to the European Tanker Task Force.

Alan also flew in Bright Star ’82 and SAC’s Bombing and Navigation Competition. He attended TX A&M University as a part of the AFIT Master’s Program and completed with an MS in Biology. He was then assigned to the USAF Academy as an Assistant Professor in the Dept of Biology and as a T-41 Flight Instructor from 1984 to 1989.

Alan was then reassigned to a KC-135 SAC northern tier assignment with 46th Air Refueling Squadron at KI Sawyer AFB in upper Michigan. During his time in the 46th ARS, he flew 60 combat support missions in Desert Shield /Storm from 1990-1993.

Colonel Fisher then served as Commander of AFROTC unit Det.  505 at  NMSU from 1993 -1996, retiring after 24yrs of service.

While in that post at NMSU, he had the pleasure of personally commissioning, as a 2nd Lieutenant in the USAF, our own Ira Cline, a long-time Officer and Trustee of the FASF. And then, amazingly enough, Ira went on to take that same NMSU post before his own retirement just a few years ago. 

Colonel Fisher’s awards include the Meritorious Service Medal with 2 Oak leaf clusters, Air Medal, Aerial Achievement Medal, and Outstanding Unit Award.

L to R: Col. Alan Fisher, Colonel Bob Pitt, and Colonel Mario Campos: Alan is accepting the Flight Captain’s Official Manual from his predecessor, Col. Campos.  Col. Pitt was one of the Flight’s previous Captains.  All are FASFers!

Alan currently serves as the New Mexico Civil Air Patrol Counter Drug Director, and enjoys life as a Pecan Farmer and substitute Science teacher. He is married to the former Melissa R. Johnson (also a Lieutenant Colonel in the USAF Reserve!). The couple has two grown children and they, in turn, have gifted the Colonels with 4 grandchildren.

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