The Tribute to WWII Triple Ace: Bud Anderson – and the P-51

Doc Edwards

    Doc Edwards

Thanks to our loyal Aviation News Scout, Doc Edwards (L) of Deming, NM, we have the following collection of videos memorializing not just Bud Anderson and what he accomplished in his now classic WWII fighter, but how his and the plane’s unique legacy continues on – – – long after he and his fellow Air Corps/Force pilots finished their life-and-death task of finally winning over the embattled skies over Europe in 1945.

Then Capt. Bud Anderson under his P-51 “Old Glory” Prop Blades during WWII – 1943

This first short video (7:06) summarizes the EAA’s Tribute to Colonel Anderson:

And there’s more (19:54) here:

Click here to go directly to Bud Anderson’s Homepage on his website.

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    My friend Tom Reliey made the P51 double you see in the picture! You can buy it for 18,000,000 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    1. FASFRIC

      Never had the pleasure of seeing one of those XP-82’s. Just short of the cash to buy your friend’s, so will have to sadly continue to admire it from afar.


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