Founder Jim Davis’ New Grave Photograph By Dave Clemmer

There were only about 10 people who helped found the FASF back in 2007, and one of the most important of them, was former USAF Veteran and National Headquarters FAA Executive turned Aviation History Aficionado, Jim Davis.

As most of you know, Jim took his last flight into the sunset on November 22, last year.

Jim was, from the get-go, our official Aviation Historian and one of our most active Trustees until retiring about six years ago, at which time he was quickly elected to our Advisory Board.

    Dave Clemmer

Dave Clemmer was one of Jim’s closest friends and also one of the Foundation’s earliest supporters and members.  Dave was a former FAA Executive Jet Pilot and is an outstanding photographer. [Here’s a unique 9/11 story about Dave.]

After Jim’s funeral back East, Dave was kind enough to provide us with a beautiful video tribute to Jim, which included his burial ceremony.  But at that time there was no headstone available for Jim’s grave.  When one was finally finished and placed in the graveyard, Dave was kind enough to photograph it so those of us not able to visit his grave might see it.  Here, directly below, is Jim’s fairly unique (it bears two perfectly engraved versions of Jim’s favorite personal airplane, his Cessna 172) grave marker.  Dave just took this photo, and sent it along for posting, yesterday.  Thank you Dave!

                                                                 In Memory of James “Jim” Marion Davis

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