Colonel Steve Watson Shows the B-24 Liberator’s WWII Role

Colonel Bob Pitt

Colonel Bob Pitt, USAF Retired, at left, a long-time FASF member, and Daedalian Flight 24 Officer, a former jet fighter pilot from the Viet Nam conflict, wrote up this post.  Colonel Pitt has written up each El Paso Daedalian Society meeting in El Paso for more than 27 years, so he thinks that it’s time for him to retire from the responsibility. We will miss his colorful yet accurate reporting more than we can describe.


LC Steve Watson – 12/01/22

Lt Col Steve Watson, USAF (Ret) (R) returned on 1 December 2022 two years after he briefed the 24th Flight on his father’s service as a B-24 pilot in WWII. On this occasion, Steve gave a PowerPoint presentation on an upcoming B-24 Memorial.  Steve was commissioned in October 1974 and graduated from Undergraduate Navigator Training in October 1975.  He was qualified in five different C-130 models and logged over 3100 flight hours over 12 years as a flight crew member.

Steve began his presentation by briefly reviewing his father’s career during WWII. His father flew 30 missions in the B-24 as a lead pilot – flying his first mission in October 1944 and his last in April 1945, earning both the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal during his tour.

Steve then showed a photograph of the B-24 Memorial at the US Air Force Academy (L below) and then went on to speak of the history of Wendover Army Airfield in Utah which was the home to B-17, B-24, and later, B-29 training. Wendover also supported the Manhattan Project which developed the first atomic weapons to be used in combat via B-29s.

B-24 Liberator Monument at USAF Academy

Steve then detailed an upcoming B-24 Memorial to be presented to the renovated Service Club/Museum at Wendover.  The Memorial will include a highly detailed aluminum 1/20 scale model of the B-24 Liberator and some plaques with the history of the 467th Bomb Group and organizations that donated to the project.  Among the donors listed on one of the plaques is the Daedalians 24th Flight which donated $265 to the Memorial fund.

In addition to Colonel Watson’s presentation, the members of the 24th Flight and guests were treated to a Holiday event that included two special Spanish Flamenco Dances (see 4th photo below) given by Professional Dancer (and Friend of the Flight) Connie Sullivan.

Also, special thanks to Judy Campos and Julie Pitt for providing fantastic Christmas table decorations and two very delicious dessert cakes.

L to R: Col. Mario Campos, Mrs. Darci Todd, and her father, Jerry Dixon.

Guest Speaker, Steve Watson (L) discusses the Civil Air Patrol with Flight Captain, Colonel Alan Fisher

L to R Clockwise around the table: Gerry Wingett and Josiane, Connie Sullivan, Julie, and Col. Bob Pitt, Col. Mario Campos, and to his left, his wife Judy, with backs to the camera.

    A Professional dancer, Connie Sullivan performs a short Flamenco Dance routine for the assembled Daedalians.

Flight Capt. Col Alan Fisher introduces the Guest Speaker for the luncheon, Steve Watson (below) while Gerry Wingett, seated to the right, listens.

                                             Steve Watson, the guest presenter, opens his slide show . . .

At the close of the Liberator History presentation, Col. Fisher (r) gives a token of appreciation to Steve Watson.

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