January 2010

January 12, 2010

The Annual Board Meeting of the First Aero Squadron Foundation was held at the Columbus Library on 11 January 2010.  The First Vice President reported that over 50% of the membership was represented by ballots and proxies.

Reelected for a two year term were Gene Valdes, Martha Skinner, Ric Lambart, and Jim Davis.  After being appointed last year to fill an unexpired term, Ken Emery was elected to join the four others.  Congratulations to all.

The election of officers resulted in the following:

  • President – Bill Wehner
  • 1st VP – Martha Skinnner
  • 2nd VP – Ric Lambart
  • Secretary – Sharan Maxwell

Treasurer- Pete Oesper (with a plea to be replaced.  It is noted that officers must be elected trustees, although a person could be appointed “Asst. Treasurer” and report directly to the elected Treasurer.  Ric Lambart is investigating this possibility.)

Standing and Pro-Tem Committee Appointments, effective immediately:


  • Fund Raising- Martha Skinner & Ric Lambart
  • Historical- Jim Davis & Ken Emery
  • Public Education- Bill Wehner, Ken Emery, Ric Lambart
  • Website- Kris Lethin


  • Audit & Budget- Bill Wehner, Pete Oesper, Gene Valdes, Ric Lambart
  • Insurance- Gene Valdes, Sharan Maxwell, Martha Skinner
  • By-laws- Pete Oesper, Gene Valdes, Bill Wehner
  • Those named first will be responsible for convening each committee

The incoming president would like to join the other trustees in thanking Gene Valdes for the hard work he has put into his job for the last 2 years.  Gene originally agreed to serve only one year but was coerced into a second term last year.  He has worked especially hard to bring the purchase of Parcel #1 to a successful conclusion in spite of the best efforts of various lawyers.  Pete Oesper has overseen the selection and purchase of computer and printer for the treasurer’s use.  He has installed the accounting program and has babysat it for the past year.  He has the gratitude of all of us.  Both Pete and Gene remain on the Board of Trustees.

Special emphasis this year will be on (1) internal organization and budgeting, (2) membership recruiting and retention, and (3) local publicity.

We have a couple of years experience with a growing foundation, and a full year with a new accounting system.  Now we have the opportunity to de-bug the system, and to use the numbers we have developed to create a working budget.  In October of 2009, Peter Westacott submitted a business plan tailored to the needs of the foundation; consideration of this plan will be a part of this committee’s purview.  We also recognize that in this day and age of expanding and expensive torts, insurance coverage is a requirement for doing any kind if business. The Insurance Committee will be working closely with Audit and Budget find proper coverages.

Most organizations experience a 10 to 20% falloff in membership each year.  That means that just to stay even we will have to enroll an equal number of new folks, or go out of business.  We placed a recruiting ad in the 170 News for their 1st quarter issue to begin this effort as well as to thank the International Cessna 170 Association for their support.  We need serious input for this enlistment campaign.  Another facet we are hoping to explore (exploit?) is the wealth of local of talent in our local membership.

By putting emphasis on dealing with local publicity, we are hoping to grow the program to a national/international level on a continuing, coordinated basis.  As any organization grows, so must the by-laws.  The committee so-charged will report from time to time on recommendations for needed changes

Last, but certainly not least, the Webmaster, Kris Lethin, has put together a small group to revitalize our site.  If you haven’t checked it in the last few days, I urge you to do so.  Kris has devoted a lot of time to the site and it shows.

The First Aero Squadron Foundation only because of the faith and hard work of the individuals involved.  The trustees welcome your attendance and input at both board and committee meetings.  Please email or call me any time you have an idea, comment and/or criticism- this is your organization.

Thanks again for your participation,


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