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Here are a series of relatively short videos depicting the use of the Boeing wide-body 747 as a heavy duty multiple missile packing airship – or as it would have been called: the Boeing 747 the Boeing 747 CMCA (Cruise Missile Carrier Aircraft). 

The 747’s (747 YA-1) role as a laser-shooting platform is also explored in the final video below.

Why would the USAF have even considered this now generally termed “old” commercial jet in such roles?  Even back when this concept was first promoted by Boeing, the Jumbo Jet was already almost ten years old.  The reason the idea was seriously explored is simple:

The cost would be substantially less that it would be for a new platform designed specifically for such purposes. 

Not only would the original modification costs of the highly reliable airliner be significantly less that a brand new aircraft with a specially designed air frame, but the upkeep and maintenance would also be a major cost saving move for the Air Force.

Where the number of modern USAF bombers is counted in the low hundreds, there have now been over 1500 747s built – – – – and there are – and were – also spare parts depots already found all over the globe. Additionally, the 747 series had an extremely long operating range.  The latest version has a range of over 7,000 miles, or 11,265 kilometers.

As with any manufactured product, the more that are made, the lower the unit price can be set.

So, without further ado, let’s explore these “Queen of the Skies” 747 concepts:

First, below, is a 13:53 long video on the 747 CMCA, or multi-missile platform:

Next, below, is a very short, 4:28 minute exploration of the CMCA:

Next, is another video, 15:25 long, entitled, “72 Missiles At Once! – 747 Cruise Missile Carrier:”

And now, below, view the Queen of the Skies in its role as a lethal laser platform, one that, unlike the multi-missile launching CMCA 747, is most likely very much still in service at this time.  Here is that Boeing 747 YAL-1‘s story.  The video is only 5:06 minutes long.